The 13 Best Race Signs I’ve Ever Seen

As a runner, I can honestly say that I really appreciate a sign with a creative/funny/inspiring sign at any point during a half or full marathon.

Hell, I even dig a good sign during a 5k.

I don’t know how many times I’ve literally laughed at a sign while I’m running, and I wish I could remember all of the signs that made me crack up during a race. But below are a list of the 13 best race signs that stand out in my mind from the races I’ve run.

But first, here is my absolute new favorite race sign, though I’ve yet to see this one in person.

No Time for Walken

Image via @RunRocknRoll

13 Best Race Signs I’ve Seen

(At Least the 13 Best That I Can Remember Seeing…)

13. I’m a Complete Stranger, and I’m So Proud of You!–This, or some variation of it, is a pretty common race sign. There is a lady that makes it out to most of the Walt Disney World races that is usually holding this sign. I remember seeing her during my second marathon, when my knee was killing me and I’d been walking/hobbling for about the last 10 miles. I saw her, we made eye contact, I mouthed the words thank you, and she smiled back. It didn’t make the pain in my knee go away, but it helped me hobble for the last mile.

12. Hurry Up! My Arms are Tired!–Ahh yes, the obligatory “I’m so tired standing here/holding this sign and I just wish you’d hurry up and finish the damn race” sign. Not incredibly original, but still good for a small chuckle if I’m not too over the race yet.

11. Just Keep Swimming…Er Running–This sign only works in certain places, but I’ve seen it at the Disney Marathon in front of the theater for Finding Nemo: the Musical. And since they sing a song called Just Keep Swimming, it seemed appropriate enough to stick in my mind, and thus get a mention.

10. Your Feet are Hurting Because You’re Kicking So Much Ass–Eh. If you say so. I think they are hurting from running 26.2 miles, but what do I know.

9. Chuck Norris Never Ran a Marathon!–I’m sorry, but I never really got where all the Chuck Norris worship got started. That said, some of the Chuck Norris lines are hilarious. And for those that do worship the ground that ol’ Chuck walks on, I’ve run 7 marathons so I’m 7 times as awesome as he is. Right?

8. You are NOT Almost Finished–Dude was jumping up and down, screaming his head off, waving this sign and he was all of 100 yards from the start of the marathon. That’s just funny right there.

7. Never Trust a Fart After Mile 16–It’s funny cause it’s true. At least that’s what I’ve heard….

6. You Know the First Guy That Ran a Marathon Died, Right?–Yeah, yeah, yeah. We all know the story, but it’s still a good sign. And I’m not going to lie, it kind of makes me feel like a bad ass.

5. Smile If You’re Not Wearing Any  Underwear–Makes me smile. Every. Single. Time.

4. Mile Marker 19.5 aka Paul Ryan’s Finish Line–I don’t care where you fall on the political spectrum, you have to admit that when you heard about the entire Paul Ryan marathon debacle you had some choice words for the guy. I mean honestly, who was he trying to fool?

3. If a Marathon was Easy, It Would be Called Your Mom–What am I, 13 years old? Sorry, but I can’t imagine myself to ever reach an age where your mom jokes stop being funny. I just can’t.

2. You’re Almost There! (That’s What She Said…)–See above. That’s what she said jokes are just funny. All of the time. Other signs that share the punch line include “Is This Almost Over?”, “Are You Finished Yet?”, “Keep Going!”, “Don’t Stop”, and many others.

And by far, the best race sign I’ve ever seen…

1. Have Fun Storming the Castle!–If you know me, you know how much I love the Princess Bride. I saw this sign before running into the Magic Kingdom, and literally storming the castle, and it was perfect. They even had a picture of Miracle Max and his Wife on the sign. Well played sir, well played indeed.

What are the best race signs that you’ve seen while running in a race? Please share in the comments!

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    • Denny
      Denny says:

      Yeah man! There are some other great ones that I’ve seen online, but I’m only going with the ones that I’ve seen in person.

    • Denny
      Denny says:

      That is another good one for sure. I think the reason that it didn’t make my list is because I run so many Disney races, and at each of those races I’ll see that sign about 15 times! So I guess it’s lost some of the funny factor (for me) after seeing it so often.

  1. Angela Murphy
    Angela Murphy says:

    I love #3 although I’ve never actually seen it at a race. My kids made signs for my marathon – Chafe Now, Wine Later was definitely the one that made me giggle. My husband will be displaying the “I don’t do marathons. I do a marathon runner” sign (and shirt) at the Colfax in May.

    • Denny
      Denny says:

      Ha! Your husbands sign will be awesome! My wife is running a half in a couple of weeks, and Adi and I will be there to cheer. I’m probably going to make a sign that says “Hurry Up Mom, I’m Hungry!”. May try to come up with another sign or two, but I’m pretty sure I’ll be using that one.

  2. Jenn
    Jenn says:

    There was a woman at mile 23 of my last marathon holding a sign that said “I like your stamina…call me?” It cracked me up even that late in the race!

  3. Russ
    Russ says:

    Girl holding a sign “Just go Faster!”
    Guy standing next to her “That’s what she said”

    “You run better than our government”

    “blisters are just braille for ‘AWESOME'”

    The Flying Pig Marathon course goes by a senior home and they have a great time w/ their signs:
    “I thought this was BINGO”
    “Run faster. I want to take a nap”

  4. Sherry
    Sherry says:

    My favorites have been:
    “This is a lot of work for a free banana”
    “$5 piggy back rides” – at the bottom of a hill
    “Hurry up, the Kenyans are drinking all the beer” – the year we had some elite runners at our race

    And my daughters made signs for my last half:
    “My mom woke me up early for this?!”
    “Don’t poop!”


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