2014 Christmas Gift Ideas for Runners–Runner Safety

Christmas 2014

Christmas 2014 Gifts for Runners, Runner Safety

Gift Ideas for Runners–Runner Safety

As the holidays approach, the search for the perfect gift for each person on your list will only intensify. If you are shopping for a runner this year, over the next few weeks I’ll give you hundreds of gift ideas in a number of different running categories. Today, I will be looking at runner safety, which may not be the most exciting kind of present but could be the most important.

If you’d like to download a list of all of the runner safety items listed on this post (with clickable links to make shopping easy) and talked about in the podcast episode, simply click here.

  Gifts Focused on Runner Safety

  • Road ID–There is nothing more important on this list than a Road ID. Nothing. If the runner on your list doesn’t have a Road ID, this may be the most important gift you give this year. Road IDs come in a variety of colors and styles and are one of the few “must haves” for every runner.
  • Pepper Spray–This may sound a little silly to some, but if the runner on your list prefers running solo, this may be a very practical gift. Pepper spray is a great defense against both people and animals that are coming after any person.
  • After Dark Gear–If your runner runs while it’s dark outside, and this time of year that’s a pretty good bet, helping him or her be more visible is extremely important to insure his or her safety. Remember many drivers aren’t looking for runners, especially after dark, so runners need to take extra precautions to be as visible as possible. With that being said, here are some great ideas to increase visibility:
    • Lights–I prefer lights over reflective gear, as lights help runners to stay visible whether or not the runner is in the path of the car’s headlights. For example, if someone is backing out of their driveway, there may not be enough light to catch a reflector, but a flashlight, knuckle lights, belt, vest, or head lamp would still alert that driver that a runner is approaching.
    • Reflective Gear–Reflective gear is a great way to alert drivers of runners as they approach. There are many great options when it comes to reflective gear, depending on the preference of the runner on your list. Vests are great, as are belts and bracelets.
    • Clothing/Apparel–Lots of running clothes have reflective printing/seams/areas on them that have reflective properties. I’ll address running clothes in much more depth in a future episode/post.

 Make sure the runner on your list makes it home safely this year, and every year, by giving them the gift of any of the mentioned safety items. Most of the runner safety items listed here can make great stocking stuffers as well!  

Click here for a downloadable list of my favorite items, with clickable Amazon links, to make your holiday shopping as easy as possible!

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