2014 Christmas Gifts for Runners-Accessories

Christmas 2014

As the holidays approach, the search for the perfect gift for each person on your list will only intensify. If you are shopping for a runner this year, over the next few weeks I’ll continue to give you dozens of gift ideas for runners in a number of different running categories. To revisit the categories I’ve already talked about, click here.


Today, I will be looking at some of the accessories/miscellaneous items that many runners appreciate having/using during their runs.

If you’d like to download a list of all of the items listed on this post (with clickable links to make shopping easy) and talked about in the podcast episode, simply click here.

Accessories for the Runner on Your List

  • SPI Belt–I use my SPI Belt when I’m running by myself and to carry my keys/phone with me while I’m out on the run. The belts fit great, and the pocket is big enough to fit most smart phones (sorry iPhone 6 owners), even while they are inside of a bulky protective case. When the belt is adjusted properly, I can run while my phone is one the belt without my phone bouncing around/annoying me at all. You can also get belts with multiple pockets if you’re carrying more items.
  • Yurbuds–By far the best running headphones I’ve ever worn are Yurbuds, which are actually silicone caps that fit over the head of traditional iPhone-like earbuds. The tips are designed to not only fit into your ear canal, but the silicone really helps keep the buds in your ears when you’re sweating. If you have a problem with your earbuds falling out regularly, you need to try Yurbuds. (There are also different sizes for men and women, so make sure you get the right one for the runner on your list.)
  • Pro Compression Socks/Sleeves–I have yet to really notice much of a benefit of wearing compression socks during a run, especially when runners are wearing them for shorter distances, but compression socks are extremely popular with many runners these days. I have a pair of pro compression socks, and I love them as a recovery tool, but with all of the different colors and designs available, they absolutely fit under the accessories category.
  • Training Log–A runner’s training log is vital if you’re ready to take your running to the next level. A specific running log instead of just a notebook is preferred in my opinion, since it really motivates you to track your workouts much more specifically than just a regular notebook.
  • Head Band–If the runner your shopping for has a problem with hair in the face while running, a good head band is a game changer. The problem is, many head bands slip when you run or start sweating, and before long your hair is back in your face. I have a runner friend here in town that makes no slip headbands that do a FANTASTIC job of keeping your hair in place. She has a variety of colors and styles available, and she’s capable of finding patterns/styles/colors to suit any taste. And if you’re not local, she will happily ship them to you! Check out Jeanette’s page and contact her for details.

When it comes to running, there are very few “must haves”. Shoes and shorts (and a good sports bra for the ladies) are the minimum requirements, and everything else is just an extra. If the runner on your list doesn’t NEED anything, these accessories will still make a great gift!

Click here for a downloadable list of my favorites, with clickable Amazon links, to make your holiday shopping as easy as possible!

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