QT: 5 Bad Running Habits That I Need to Work on Breaking

As I am continuing to work through the Success Principals by Jack Canfield, I came across an interesting nugget today.

Did you know that up to 90% of the things that we do on a daily basis are habitual in nature?

My Bad Running Habits

That number kind of blew me away too, but the more I thought about it (and read the examples cited in the book) the more I realized that number is probably pretty accurate.

But whatever the number actually is, can we agree that most of what we regularly do is habitual?


Your Habits Predict Your Results

Good habits produce good results.

Bad habits, bad results.

Simple enough, right?

So if you want to improve as a runner, or in any avenue of your life, you have two choices that will likely bring you the results you desire. You can either implement some new good habits or you can eliminate some old bad habits.

Bad Running Habits Die Hard

And let’s be honest, we all have some bad running habits.

5 Bad Running Habits I Need to Break

I’m not perfect. #shocking

As a coach, there are plenty of times where I’ve gone down the “do as I say, not as I do” road with my clients.

Sorry guys.

Here are 5 bad running habits that I currently have, that I need to focus on breaking if I’m going to take my running to the next level and achieve some of the lofty goals that I have for myself.

It’s about to get real hypocritical up in here y’all…

Consistent Strength Training

How often do I preach the the need to do strength training? It’s important for both improved performance AND for injury prevention.

I know this.

Yet, I’m inconsistent at best when it comes to strength training.

I have it in my weekly schedule to do. I always intend to do it.

But it doesn’t happen nearly as regularly as it should.

I need to stop letting myself slide on my strength training, period.

Stretching/Foam Rolling/Yoga

You know how I’m always talking about doing the little things to stay healthy?

I suck at em.

The one thing that I am somewhat decent at is yoga. I do yoga every Wednesday, minimum.

I recognize that it would be more beneficial to do yoga more frequently, but a minimum of once per week is a start.

But when it comes to stretching, I RARELY stretch after a run. I stretch with my personal training clients, but as I look to phase out that side of my life (sooner rather than later, hopefully) I know I need to do a better job of stretching after a run while my muscles are still warm.

And foam rolling?

I do it most days, but if I’m honest I’m really just going through the motions.

I need to start being more intentional about doing these little things on a regular basis, or it will catch up to me whether I like it or not.

And spoiler alert: I won’t like it.

Stop Flying Solo

Flying Solo

I don’t work with a running coach.

Some coaches love having someone else tell them what to do in their training, some are good with doing it themselves.

No surprise here, but I don’t think there is a one size fits all rule when it comes to the topic of coaches having coaches.

That said, I need to stop kidding myself. I don’t know if I need to hire a coach per se, but I need to stop flying solo with my training in terms of accountability.

I need to find someone, whether it’s a coach or the Facebook Tribe or a specific person, to hold me accountable for the workouts I miss. For skipping my strength training sessions. For flaking out on the little things.

Personally, I’m really good at letting myself down. I’m not so good at letting others down. So having someone there to kick me in the arse when I need it would be helpful.

Stop Running Hard Workouts Too Easy

I’ve talked a lot about how I’ve totally bought into the philosophy of 80/20 Running.

I’m all in on it for myself. I’m all in on it for my clients.

In my professional opinion, it is the most logical and most sound training philosophy I’ve seen in terms of LONG TERM success.

That said, I’m still struggling with the 20 part of 80/20.

I’ve bought in to running my easy runs easy and have gotten comfortable running in the 9-10 minute per mile range for my easy/recovery runs.

But going hard enough during my hard workouts? That is a challenge.

I need to stop loafing and start hammering those workouts, especially now that my base is so solid, if I am going to see the results I know I’m capable of producing.

Pick Up the Slack in Other Areas that Impact My Running

Slacking Off

Note to Self…

Sleep is important. So is eating intelligently.

And I’ve let things slide a bit on both fronts.

On the sleep front, I’ve been really pushing myself lately to get up earlier and earlier in order to try and get more accomplished each day.

As my brand is starting to finally establish itself, I’m doing everything I can to make hay while the sun is shining.

But I don’t function well on 5-6 hours of sleep a night. And I know that is hampering my running as well.

And on the nutrition front, I’ve gotten lax with my diet a bit as well. I’ve put on 8-10 pounds since Thanksgiving, and taking those pounds off requires making better food choices on a daily basis.

Don’t Try to Do It All At Once


Now that I’ve aired out some of my many bad running habits, I’m feeling the urge to improve on all of them. Right now.

And that is a recipe for failure.

Instead of trying to break a handful of bad running habits at once, give yourself the permission to pick one and start working on that one.

Once that one bad habit has been eliminated, and it could easily take a few months to completely be rid of it, look for the next bad habit that needs your attention.

And work on it.

As runners, we understand the value of patience and persistence. At least I hope we do!

When it comes to breaking your bad running habits and/or implement new good running habits, keep the long game in mind and you’ll be surprised how much of a difference it’ll make in your running.

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What Bad Running Habits Do You Need to Work on Breaking?

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