Best Costumes at the 2015 Princess Half Marathon

Earlier this morning, my wife completed here 2nd half by running the 2015 Princess Half Marathon at Walt Disney World.

This was her first runDisney race, but if I’ve learned one thing from my 9 runDisney events it’s that there are always a lot of runners that rock costumes during the race.

And the 2015 Princess Half Marathon was no exception.

I wish I had photos of the costumed runners to go with this list, but I was too busy being daddy/cheerleader to take many pictures. I did get this one early on.

Me and Junior Cheering for Mom and Watching for the Costumes!


Adi does have my Altra hat on. So maybe she was wearing an Altra Ambassador costume to spectate in?

Anyway, here are some of my favorite costumes that I saw while we were spectating.

My 7 Favorite Costumes from the 2015 Princess Half Marathon

  1. The Many Princesses–In this race, there were no shortage of costumed runners going as their favorite Disney princesses.
  2. Snow Queen–There were also quite a few Snow Queens this year. Honestly, I have no idea how anyone could run a race wearing the head piece on their head for the entire race. It had to be boiling underneath that thing.
  3. Harry Potter–Seemed a little odd to me that there was a Harry Potter runner at a Disney race, but to each their own.
  4. Dory–I actually saw a couple of great Dorys, but one happened early in the race and as she was running by Adi and I the monorail gave a quick hoot to say hi. Without missing a beat, the runner jumped up and down, waved at the monorail, and screamed “I speak whale!”. Talk about staying in character. Well played ma’am, well played indeed.
  5. Queen Amidala–Great costume that I don’t think I’d ever seen some one running in before. I wonder if she ran the Star Wars half as well?
  6. Mary Poppins–Not sure if Mary counts as a princess, but since I’ve had a crush on her for about 25 years, she gets her own spot on the list.
  7. Prince–Winner, winner, chicken dinner! This dude was awesome! Dressed in a purple suit, drew on a mustache, rocking an inflatable guitar and a sign that said “Prince’s Half Marathon”. Best costume of the 2015 Princess Half Marathon, by far!

Disney Races or Otherwise, What are Some of Your Favorite Costumes You’ve Seen Runners Wear in a Race?


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