Why Do Dogs Make the Best Running Partners?

I am a huge proponent of running with others.

Yes running is a solo sport, but the communities of runners that exist in person at the local level and world wide via social media can’t be ignored. And there is just something about running with a group of people that helps to push me to run faster or farther than I could have ever gone on my own.

That said, the best running partner I’ve ever had has four legs and a tail.

There’s Nothing Like Running With a Dog

Dogs Make the Best Running Partners

Best Running Partners Ever!

I love running with my wife. I love running with my friends in the Pack. And I love running with strangers at at races.

But nothing compares to the joy I get from running with my dog. And here are 8 reasons why.

Why Dogs Make the Best Running Partners

  1. A Dog is Always Ready–Not sure you feel like running? Let your dog see your running shoes and you have not choice.
  2. Your Dog Absolutely Loves It–Anyone that says dogs don’t have emotions obviously never ran with a dog. Or owned a dog. Or petted a dog.
  3. Great Chance to Bond–It might take some practice, but before long you and your dog will become one when running. It’s a truly beautiful thing.
  4. She Keeps Me Going When I Want to Stop–Every time I stop while running with Bailey, she gives me that look. So I start running again.
  5. Forced to Stay in the Present–I love letting my mind wander when I run, but when my mind wanders my pace slows WAY down! With the dog, I have to stay present and I’m able to stay on pace much better.
  6. Post Run Dog Kisses–A sloppy dog kiss is always a good time. When you’re tired, sweaty, and sitting down to stretch it’s even better. Trust me.
  7. Stranger Danger–Run by yourself fairly often? Get a big dog to run with you, and you’ll be safe.
  8. A Tired Dog is a Good Dog–Tired dogs don’t have the energy to get in trouble. Take your pup for a run, and it’ll be beat for at least a few hours! 🙂

Running with your dog can cause some drama, especially if you don’t see the squirrel, but I wouldn’t trade my time running with my dog for anything.

 Do You Run With a Dog? I’d Love to Hear About Your Pup, and Feel Free to Share Pictures Here, in the Facebook Group, or on Twitter!

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  1. Jackie Beyer
    Jackie Beyer says:

    This was a great post Denny. So true. I love running with my dogs and am so blessed to live somewhere where they can run free and really get some exercise. And nothing makes a dog more loyal then a running buddy. My husband can feed them every morning or at least most mornings but they are completely loyal to me because I take them to the woods on a regular basis and even out for adventures in the car although they are always hoping the car will lead to an outdoor adventure! And looking at their pleading faces is certainly encouraging for me to get out and exercise! Lovely voice in this post:~)

    • Denny
      Denny says:

      Thanks Jackie! I do wish I lived somewhere that I could just let the dog run without being leashed, but I’ll gladly take a leashed pup over no pup at all!


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