How to Have Your Best Year of Running in 2016 (with Video)

Make 2016 Your Best Year of Running Yet

With the new year still fresh in your mind, what have you done to ensure that 2016 will be your best year of running ever?

You may not be able to guarantee that on December 31st you’ll look back on this year as your best ever, but you can definitely stack the deck in your favor.


Press play on the video for a little more detail, but here is the abridged version.

How I’m Planning to Have the Best Year of Running in My Life

  • Have a Plan: Planning your success is as much of a key to success as taking action. If you don’t have a plan for your running, odds are your goals won’t be achieved. And by a plan, I clearly mean that you know what you are going to do in each workout BEFORE you do the workout? Making your own plan stressing your out? Not sure what to do? That’s what The Coterie is for!
  • Run a Fun Race: Run a race for fun with no pressure to achieve any time goals. It’s amazing how much more fun a race can be when there’s no pressure to perform.
  • Run with a Partner: Running solo is fun, running with friends is a blast. Rather not run with others? That’s cool. The best running partner I’ve ever had has four legs.
  • Run for a Cause: Nothing will give you a case of the warm and fuzzies like doing something for the greater good. Intimidated for the fundraising requirements to be a charity runner? Check out, and you can raise money for a variety of causes with every run. (And join team DizRuns!)

If you want to make sure that you have the best year of running possible in 2016, but have no idea where to start or how to make that happen, any or all of these tips will help get you started.

I’ll be doing all of them this year, but it’s ok to start with one and go from there.

And if you need a pep talk, just let me know and we can jump on the phone and I’ll help get you started on the path to a great year of running!

What Would You Describe the Best Year of Running in Your Life? How Would You Define That Year?

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