Pamela Weir Turned To The Trails When Tragedy Struck

My guest on the show today is someone that found running a bit later in life.

The trails are where she feels most at home and she aspires to keep pushing her limits for as long as her body allows.

Pamela Weir

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Pamela Weir.

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QT: When Opportunity Presents, Should You Take It?

A year and a half ago (more or less), I went all in professionally on all things Diz Runs.

At that point in time, I still had a handful of personal training clients that I was working with on a regular basis.

One of those clients took me up on the option of continuing to write her workouts and serve as an online personal trainer.

Long story short, this woman has been pretty unhappy with her job since I started working with her some 4+ years ago.

A regular topic of conversation during her workouts was her venting about some shenanigans at her office.

Eventually, she got serious about looking for a new job. And before long, she had an interview and was offered a position with a new company. Read more

Lindsey Cope Started Running Early and Has No Plans of Stopping (Again)

Today I’m going a few easy miles with a woman that comes highly recommended.

She has been a runner for most of her life and she has also become a coach to help others reach their potential in the sport.

Lindsey Cope

I’m looking forward to talking shop with Lindsey Cope on the show today.

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Chris Wehrman Can Help Anyone Run Better Through The Use Of An App

My guest today has experienced a lot of success in running with two Olympic qualifying times, three 2nd place marathon finishes and numerous wins at shorter distances.

Through coaching and the development of a new app this runner turned entrepreneur is doing his best to help runners in the pursuit of their running goals.

Chris Wehrman

I am excited to go a few easy miles with Chris Wehrman as we dive into how this app can help make preparing for some big races a bit easier.

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QT: Is There an Actual Benefit to a Shakeout Run?

One workout that you’ll see on most training plans, from one-size-fits-all to an actual good plan created by a coach, is the shakeout run.

I’ve put a shakeout run on the schedule of most of the athletes I coach over the years, so clearly I’ve bought into the need for doing a shakeout run the day before the race.

Or have I?

Curiously, there is no mention of doing a shakeout run in Be Ready on Race Day.

And I haven’t actually done an easy run the day before a race since Pocatello.

So are shakeout runs really necessary? Or are they just one of those things that runners do because other runners do them, so we should probably do them?

Are Runners Stupid?

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