Chris Whitney Learned That The Hard Is What Makes It Great

My guest today is someone that recently finished running 166 miles as part of the MS Run the US 2021 relay team.

I am looking forward to learning a bit more about him, his running, and his MS Run the US experience.

Without further ado, let’s go a few easy miles with Chris Whitney today.

Chris Whitney

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QT: It’s Ok to Take a Little Break from Running

For a lot of runners, the idea of willingly taking a break from running is a non-starter.

At least I assume it is, because I’m one of those runners.

Guilty as Charged

But for some of us? Voluntarily taking a running break could be the best thing you can do for yourself.

And if you’re struggling to do so, I’m here to tell you it’s ok to take a little break from running. Read more

Regan Zuege Took A Leap Of Faith And Won’t Be Limited By A Disease

Today’s guest is a runner that took quite the leap recently, signing up to run 7 marathons in 7 days before she had even completed a single 5k race!

Spoiler alert, she survived the experience and is here to share all the details leading up to it along with the challenge itself.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Regan Zuege today.

Regan Zuege

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QT: When in Doubt About Your Training, Trust Yourself

I stumbled across a really good quote recently, and shared in a post in the the FB group earlier this week.

I don’t think that this quote was said in the context of running, but there are many areas where this rings true in our sport.

More often than not, as it relates to your running at least, do yourself a favor and trust yourself.

I promise, your instincts are going to be right the vast majority of the time. Read more

Rob Rueff Relies On Strategy To Succeed In Two Vastly Different Sports

Today, my guest is someone that I’ve followed on Twitter for quite a few years and we are finally sitting down for a chat.

In addition to being an avid runner, he’s also a husband, father, and a bit of a billiards snob.

We may cover some new to the show topics today, as I go a few easy miles with Rob Rueff.

Rob Rueff and his son

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