Brodie Sharpe Is Sharing His Physio Secrets For Any Injured Runner

My guest today was last here a year and a half ago and in that time a lot has changed.

He has been busy starting a new podcast, writing an e-book, and continuing his work as a physio helping runners to stay healthy.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Brodie Sharpe.

Brodie Sharpe

Don’t Get Complacent

Brodie Sharpe likes to keep his body guessing and accomplishes that by changing things up often.

Not allowing himself to become complacent has helped to make him a stronger runner along with minimizing injuries.

Over the past few years, Brodie has raced everything from short and fast road races, various distances on the trails along with triathlons.

Recently Brodie has enjoyed racing the 5k distance due to the challenging nature of the event.

When he’s not on the roads Brodie has found a new appreciation for the trails and community surrounding them.

Avoiding injuries recently has allowed Brodie to participate in more triathlons than most years.

Brodie takes cues from how his body is feeling when determining his upcoming racing reason.

Brodie Sharpe

Trial and Error

The line between too much training and just the right amount to see progress can often be a thin one.

Recognizing mistakes made while training and being able to correct them in the future is the key to minimizing injury risk according to Brodie.

Brodie shared a shocking statistic, that up to 80% of all running injuries are due to training errors.

Learning to listen to your body takes practice, but doing it consistently will aid in longevity in the sport.

Injury risk will never eliminate completely, but making smarter decisions can greatly reduce the risk.

With injury being so prevalent in the running community, Brodie wanted to share his knowledge and help runners get strong and remain healthy.

Universal Principles to Overcoming Any Injury

Brodie’s new E-Book is aimed at educating runners on how to reduce injury while increasing performance.

The book was launched around the same time as his new podcast and Facebook group.

The E-Book, podcast, and FB group work in conjunction with one another to provide various forms to access and understand the information.

In the book, Brodie stresses understanding adaptation zones.

Training within one’s adaptation zone allows tissues and ligaments time to adjust to training loads.

Progress only occurs when an athlete consistently trains within their adaptation zone while also recognizing when to back off.

There is significant trial and error needed to find your personal ceiling while training.

Patience and intelligence are required to make smart decisions in order to eventually meet your goals.

Brodie Sharpe and his new E-Book

Stress Less

Athletes often think about workout stressors but there are non-workout stressors that can and do affect the body.

The body cannot differentiate between workout stress and non-workout stress.

Non-workout stress includes anything that happens in your life that isn’t directly related to training.

These stressors are hidden dangers that reduce an athlete’s ability to adapt to training.

According to Brodie, some common non-workout stressors are:

  • Overall life stress
  • Poor nutrition
  • Lack of sleep and/or poor-quality sleep
  • Smoking

Brodie emphasized that care should be taken to minimize whatever life stress you can and above all else- BE KIND TO YOUR BODY.

Run Smarter

Brodie recently launched his new podcast called- Run Smarter.

His new podcast is aimed at delivering information geared towards helping runners to make smart decisions in order to stay healthy.

He also provides the steps to take if you are dealing with an injury.

The first season of his podcast includes all of the information provided in his newly released E-Book.

The E-book differs from the podcast in that it offers visuals to help the reader comprehend the information.

Brodie offers various learning modules to encompass all athletes.

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Brodie Sharpe is on the show for round 2! Since the last chat, he has started a new podcast, wrote an e-book, and continues his mission to help runners stay healthy and avoid injury. Share on X

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