Brooke Prelovsky Is A Disney Run Fanatic Turned Influencer

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My guest today is a big Disney fan and has run many Disney races over the years.

We’ve definitely shared some race-day Disney miles in our past, and today we get to share a few non-Disney miles.

I’m looking forward to chatting with Brooke Prelovsky today!

Brooke Prelovsky

Not The Typical Princess Training

Brooke Prelovsky was an athlete her whole life.

She mainly focused on dance and soccer when she was younger.

Her running story began in 2013, but it was losing her job a year earlier that was the push to start running.

Brooke lost her job in the winter of 2012, just a little over a year out of college.

When Brooke wasn’t interviewing for jobs, she found herself watching Disney races on YouTube.

After learning about the Disney Princess half-marathon, she told her husband she would run that race the following year.

Brooke was not a runner at the time, but she needed something to focus on and to push her.

Training to become a Princess half-finisher began in 2013 with her first half slated to take place in 2014.

Brooke Prelovsky

The Magic Of Disney

Brooke chose a Disney race because it helped ease the intimidation of running her first half-marathon.

The lead-up to the race couldn’t have gone better, according to Brooke.

Her first half was a part of the challenge offered that weekend.

She ran a 10k the day before running a half-marathon.

Brooke was able to complete both races, but she realized she needed to put in more work leading up to her next race.

The second half she completed was a stand-alone race that wasn’t part of a challenge.

By focusing on one race, Brooke was able to shave 30 minutes off of her time just a few months later.

Brooke recommends Disney as a great entry point for anyone that loves Disney and also wants to start running.

Brooke Prelovsky

Focusing On Her Health

At the beginning of 2020, Brooke was at a point in her life where she was so focused on work and building her business that her health took a back seat.

She made the conscious decision to take a step back and focus more on her health.

Brooke still incorporated running, but she also added more cross-training while fueling her body with healthier foods.

All the changes and consistency paid off.

In August of 2020, Brooke was able to run for 45 minutes straight without needing to include intervals.

She was even more motivated to train and found herself going both faster and longer.

Brooke surprised herself when she placed in both a 5k race and a 10–mile race just a few months later.

Her commitment to running during the pandemic when races were hard to find had changed her running path.

Run Disney

One of the things Brooke loves about running at Disney is that it’s a different experience each time.

She has primarily run Disney races and over the years has gained knowledge about how to approach various challenges.

When Brooke ran her first Dopey challenge she was working at Runner’s World.

She considers herself fortunate because she was able to gain valuable insight from experts in the running field prior to the races.

Some of the advice that has stuck with her is:

  • Save your legs. Don’t spend too much time at the parks walking around prior to race day.
  • Avoid park food in the days leading up to the race.
  • Eat how you normally would as much as possible.
  • Stick with fuel during the race that you’re used to.

Brooke has other non-Disney running goals such as chasing a BQ someday.

Disney had a hold on her from a young age and even though she occasionally runs other races she always goes back to the “most magical place on earth.”

Brooke Prelovsky

Disney Influencer

Brooke doesn’t love the term influencer, but she’s made quite the name for herself when it comes to all things Disney.

When she first began running Disney races, she would often make herself accessories to match her outfits.

She started a Disney Instagram page to showcase some of her creations and was surprised when the page eventually grew to over 150k followers.

Brooke knew there was potential in what she was creating.

She started her business in May of 2014 and left her Runner’s World position the following year.

By 2019, everything she sold on her site was officially licensed.

Brooke has gotten some amazing opportunities, because of what she does, but it also comes with some downfalls.

Criticism is unavoidable with anyone on social media, but thankfully for Brooke, the good has always outweighed the negative.

Brooke Prelovsky

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