Bryan Greenberg Learned To Embrace The Heat, Hills, and Humidity

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My guest today is someone that I’ve chatted with a bit on social media over the years.

I’m looking forward to diving a bit deeper into his story today.

So without further ado, I’m looking forward to going a few easy miles with Bryan Greenberg!

Bryan Greenberg

From The Classroom To The Track

When Bryan Greenberg was a freshman in high school he joined the cross country team.

His decision to join was not entirely without outside influence.

He was struggling in geometry class and his teacher was also the cross country coach.

The coach suggested that Bryan come to practice and have some of the athletes on the team help him with geometry.

When Bryan showed up on that first day, the coach suggested that he might as well try running since he was there.

Bryan wasn’t built for athletics, but he saw it as a chance to connect with his dad.

He didn’t have a great relationship with his dad and saw running as a way to bond over a sport his dad loved.

Out of 8 cross country team members, Bryan was the only JV member, and yet running stuck after that first year.

Doing Things He Never Imagined

Following high school, Bryan ran throughout college doing an occasional 5k and just running for fun.

When he was close to 30, he joined a BootCamp and enjoyed it so much that he became an instructor.

His friends from the class convinced him to train for and run a half-marathon with them.

He ran his first half in 2006 and since 2014 has run at least one half-marathon a month.

Over the last few years, Bryan has consistently run over 1,000 miles and gotten more into running.

He has done things that he never thought he would do.

Bryan didn’t stop at the half distance.

Ten years after his first half, he completed his first full marathon.

Bryan Greenberg

Heat, Hills, And Humidity

Bryan lives in Georgia where there is no shortage of heat, hills, and humidity.

He grew up in Maryland but has lived in the South for almost 20 years.

Bryan has learned to embrace the hills and it has made him a stronger runner.

Being born and raised in Maryland had made Bryan excited to check off some races.

With the addition of more virtual races, he has been able to run some Maryland races he has been wanting to do without the cost of travel.

Bryan has also gotten into the local running scene, completing the Peachtree Road Race last year.

Paying Up

Bryan signed up for his first marathon as an adult, but the idea was planted when he was in high school.

He grew up in Maryland near D.C. and was a fan of professional basketball.

The team wasn’t very good so Bryan felt confident taking a bet where he would run a marathon if the team made the playoffs.

The team did in fact make the playoffs, but it would be a few years before Bryan lived up to his half of the bet.

Bryan knew that he couldn’t show up to his 20-year high school reunion not having run a marathon.

The timing in life wasn’t great to train for a marathon, but he committed to the race.

His training was less than ideal only running about once a week.

Bryan completed the race, but the lack of training made the race a struggle.

Bryan Greenberg

Long-Term Goals

Bryan finished his first marathon in 4:58 but has his eyes set on beating Oprah’s time which is 4:29.

This past year he completed a virtual marathon.

The unseasonably warm weather hurt his time goal and he finished slower than Oprah.

Bryan hopes to have more time to train for another marathon eventually when his kids are older.

In the meantime, he is enjoying sharing his love of the sport with his kids.

Even if his current schedule won’t allow for him to train for marathons, he won’t stop running.

Bryan loves the feeling running gives him and he also enjoys motivating others.

If Bryan ever reaches a point where he can’t run, he always wants to maintain a connection with the sport and cheer on those that can still do it.

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