Carey Whipple Is Representing The Back Of The Pack In Big Ways

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My guest today is someone that I’ve just recently gotten to know, but from what I can tell she’s not afraid to put the work in to reach her goals.

In addition to her running, she’s also a running coach, personal trainer, and yoga instructor.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Carey Whipple today.

Carey Whipple

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Carey Whipple didn’t hesitate when asked what her favorite distance to race is.

Her favorite distance is the half marathon because that is where she got the running bug to run fulls.

Carey isn’t sure how she survived her first half marathon since everything she did went against typical advice.

She did most of her training on a spin bike, while also fitting in a few short runs, but zero long runs.

Admittedly she didn’t know what she didn’t know.

Going into race day, Carey was undertrained, didn’t fuel at all, and somehow crossed the finish line uninjured.

Carey learned a lot of lessons to take forward in training after her first half.

Learning From Her Mistakes

In the year between her first half marathon and her second, Carey was determined to improve.

In order to improve, she had to make a lot of changes.

Carey joined Charge Running, a group with runners of all abilities that had a coach giving advice and instruction.

Running more consistently after that first half led to Carey losing weight and feeling better.

She also did regular strength training with the group as well which in turn improved her running.

The second half a year later went much better and Carey walked away with a huge PR.

Double The Distance

Carey is currently training for the Chicago marathon which will be her second marathon.

Her first marathon was supposed to be the Savannah Rock’n’Roll full, but the weather had other plans.

The morning of the race was a combination of cold, rain, and wind.

The marathon was canceled due to the risk of hypothermia for the runners.

Carey had trained diligently for 6 months and was not going to let all of her training go to waste.

She regrouped after the cancellation and found a smaller race near her home.

The race didn’t go as smoothly as she had hoped, but she successfully completed the race in the allotted time.

Carey Whipple

26.2 For Team Paws

After her first marathon, Carey knew that she wanted to experience a big race.

She aimed her sights on Chicago and signed up for the lottery.

When she was unable to get in through the lottery, she was able to get a spot on a charity team fundraising for Team Paws.

Team Paws is dedicated to ensuring that all funds raised give every animal, regardless of circumstances, a second chance.

Carey has found fundraising to be challenging but not impossible.

She has relied on social media in order to share her journey to the start line while encouraging donations to her cause.

Training so far has been going well and Carey’s goal is to finish in under 6 hours.

After completing Chicago, she is looking forward to taking a break from the distance for a while.

Representing The Back Of The Pack

Carey loves being active and has taken steps to get certified in various areas over the years.

She is a running coach, personal trainer, and yoga instructor.

Carey is a lifelong learner who is fascinated with how the body works.

As a back-of-the-pack runner herself, she has found her niche in helping others runners of similar abilities.

A slower runner is just as much of an athlete as the ones at the front of races.

From experience, Carey has learned that time on feet is important because slower runners are often on the course the longest.

Strength training is critical to prepare the body for more pounding while running and for longer periods.

Carey emphasized that mental training cannot be overlooked, because there will be times when it’s lonely on a course and you have to find strength inward.

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