Boston Marathon, 2018, Des Linden

Quick Tip: 5 Takeaways from the 2018 Boston Marathon

The 2018 Boston Marathon was this week, and it certainly didn’t disappoint!

Boston Marathon, 2018, Des Linden, Meme

If you’re a runner, this year’s race had a little bit of everything.

Unexpected winners. Weather issues. Unplanned porta-potty stops.

Sometimes, I feel like watching the elites race doesn’t offer much in terms of tips/lessons for us mortals.

But this year’s race? Lessons galore! Read more

Quick Tip: Growth Only Happens Outside of Your Comfort Zone

I was listening to the Jocko Podcast this morning on my run, and he said something that really caught my attention.

He said that growth only happens when you step outside of your comfort zone.

Think about that for a minute.

Growth only happens when you go beyond what is comfortable to you.

Do you want to grow as a runner? Do you want to get faster? Run farther? Keep setting new PRs?

Then you better start getting comfortable with being uncomfortable, eh?

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Quick Tip: Are You Too Dependent on Your Running Technology?

Let’s be real for a minute: most of us REALLY like our tech.

Cell phones. Computers. Tablets. Fitbits. Garmins. Heart rate monitors.

Technology, in my view, is awesome.

I mean, shoot, without technology I’d probably have to get a real job!

As great and as helpful as our technology may in fact be, is there a chance that we are a bit overdependent upon it?

Perhaps… Read more

QT: Staying Motivated to Get Out the Door and Go for a Run Later in the Day

A couple of days ago, there was a post in our FB group from Derek who is struggling to adapt to a change in his work schedule that forced him to have to scrap his morning runs and train after work instead.

He admitted that he was struggling to find the motivation to go for a run after a long day of work. And with a race coming up just about a month away, he was asking for some help from the group.

(In addition to the memes, GIFs and good times that we tend to have over on the Book of Faces, this is another reason you should come join our FB group if you’re not in it already. When you are struggling with something, big or small, you can ask and the collective wisdom of several hundred runners is there to support you.)

Anyway, several people jumped in with suggestions but one of our peeps, Ms. Julie Boles, absolutely hit it out of the park.

She is also an after work runner, and she dropped nine pearls of wisdom that will hopefully help Derek get over the hump and find his mojo.

And they were so good, that I decided to share Julie’s tips with yall as a quick tip.

If you ever struggle with running later in the day, especially if you’re typically more of a morning runner but are being forced to adapt to afternoon/evening running, here are some ideas of things you can do that will help you stay on track with your training. Read more

QT: A Social Run Should Be Social, I Mean I’m Just Saying…

When it comes to training for a race, we typically have a few different kinds of runs on our training plans.

Long runs. Recovery runs. Hard runs.

Each type of run serves its purpose, and the labels on the may vary slightly, but these runs are pretty standard no matter what kind of race you’re training for.

There is another kind of run that rarely shows up on a training plan but is just as common as any of the “Big 3” listed above.

And that is the social run.

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