In the Marathon, It's You Against the Distance

The Marathon: Runner vs. Distance

Quarter Mile Repeats Meme

The Bane of My Existence

It’s that time of year again.

It’s the time of year that many runners (especially down south where summer is pretty much here) really start to turn there attention away from distance training and start to focus more on speed and training for the 5k.

While I can honestly say I won’t be running any 5ks this summer, I will probably join my running friends for workouts as often as possible, which means I’ll be running my least favorite workout before much longer…

Quarter Mile Repeats Meme

I Love Wayne. I Hate 1/4 Mile.

Do You Have a Certain Workout That You Hate? Let Me Know What It Is Below!

Winter Running, Winter Wonderland

An Often Overlooked Challenge of Winter Running

Winter running brings with it a whole number of challenges that runners don’t have to deal with any other time of the year. Between cold temperatures, wind chill factors, snow drifts, and black ice, out door winter running provides plenty of drama.

Winter Running, Winter Wonderland

But do you regularly commit the cardinal sin of winter running? Do you even know what that sin is? Read more

Diz Runs With… Spirit of the Marathon?

On today’s show, I deviate from the normal type of show where I’m chatting with another runner, and instead talk about the documentary Spirit of the Marathon.

If you’re a runner and you’ve never seen this film, you seriously need to get a hold of a copy (or find it on hulu) and watch it right away. It’s that good!

Spirit of the Marathon, Film, Documentary, Movie

Spirit of the Marathon

The film follows 6 runners as they prepare for, and race in, the 2005 Chicago Marathon. For anyone that has ever run a marathon before, you know that the training and race are seldom smooth sailing, and sure enough, the runners in this film deal with their fair share of trials and tribulations along the course of 26.2 miles. Read more

Who’s Up for a Challenge?

A little peer pressure can be a good thing.


With that said, it’s time for me to make a little announcement and for y’all to help hold me accountable. And hopefully, a few of you will join me as well.

The Challenge

For the month of August, I’m planning on running a minimum of a mile each day.

On the surface, this really isn’t that daunting. I’ve done streaks of a month or more before, but this one will be a little different.

First and foremost, it’s August and I live in Central Florida. I’m pretty sure I don’t have to connect those dots for you.

Second, I am still adjusting to life with a baby. Sleep is sporadic and oft interrupted, which makes it difficult to get out of bed for early morning runs .

Third, I’m heading to Dallas for a few days mid month for a podcasting convention. I’m really looking forward to this trip, but I’ll be busy, it’ll be hot, and I’m not sure how conducive the area of the hotel will be for running.

I could probably keep going with the excuses, but why bother? It’s time to suck it up, and make it happen.

And honestly, no matter how hot it might be, running a mile is completely doable.

Who’s With Me?

A challenge like this is much more fun with others.

Will you do it with me?

Jon Howard, who you may remember from a recent podcast episode, is putting on this challenge through his company Training Edge Sports.

The challenge is simple, just run or walk a mile each day for August, and I would love it if a bunch of you guys would join me in completing the challenge, and representing the Diz Runs Tribe en masse. All you need to do to “officially” take part, is just click over to the TES Facebook page, and join the challenge.

And shoot me a tweet letting me know you’re in, so we can hold each other accountable.

Go join the challenge. Now!

Remember, peer pressure is no fun until you give in!



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