Chris and Christine Walsh Are Entrepreneurs With a Big Vision

Husband and wife duo Chris and Christine Walsh are joining me on the show today.

Running isn’t the only thing they do together, they also own their own running apparel company.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with these two today.

Chris and Christine Walsh

Different Paths

Chris and Christine are both runners now, but they each had vastly different starts into the sport.

Christine began running in 2015 after she signed up for her first 5k.

In the past 4 years, her passion for the sport has steadily grown.

Chris first started running seriously while he was in high school.

He was a talented and competitive runner competing in the one and two-mile events.

The non-stop focus on running at a young age eventually gave way to other interests.

Chris took what would end up being a 29-year break from the sport.

His return to the sport began in the form of a company 5k obstacle race.

The Allure Of a “Cheap” Sport

After almost 30 years away from the sport, Chris was a smoker and overweight.

He managed to finish the race, but it was the negative comments that he received from a co-worker that motivated him the most.

From that moment on Chris decided to take running more seriously again and quit smoking and lost weight in the process.

Chris was lured to the sport for its simplicity.

He viewed it as a cheap sport where all you need are running shoes.

Chris and Christine don’t often run together due to varying paces and schedules.

They do focus on nutrition together and cross-training such as yoga.

Their shared passion has brought them closer together.

Never Say Never

Since his return to running, Chris has steadily increased the distance he runs.

Seven years ago Chris never thought he would run farther than a 5k.

In the last couple of years, Chris has finished a few 50k’s which only increased his desire to go longer.

In October of this year, Chris will be attempting his first 100-mile finish with the help of Christine crewing him.

As preparation, he will be running a 75k night race one month out from his goal race.

Along with the physical training he must do to complete 100 miles, Chris also makes sure not to neglect the mental training.

Chris is quickly learning that the journey to train for a 100-mile race is both physically and mentally challenging.

“Go big or die trying,” is what keeps Chris motivated to keep pushing his limits.

We Grynd

Chris and Christine are the founders of the clothing company, “We Grynd.”

As runners, they were having difficulty finding affordable running gear that was also eco-friendly.

They collectively decided that they could do better.

Chris and Christine pride themselves on being a company that is, “for runners, by runners.”

Their endeavor hasn’t been easy but it’s always been worth it.

Designing the best possible running shirt was the original goal with the addition of other items in the future.

While selling shirts is one goal it’s not the only goal.

They are both focused on building a community of runners as well.

We Grynd

Mentioned In This Episode:

Stay connected with Chris and Christine Walsh by following them on Twitter. Chris can be found @wegrynd                and Christine @desertsoxgirl.

Chris and Christine Walsh are the co-creators of the running apparel line WEGRYND. Their goal is two-fold, to create high-quality eco-friendly apparel at affordable prices while creating a community of runners. Click To Tweet

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