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Not sure what gift to get for the runner on your list? I’ve got you covered. I’ll be breaking down some of the best gift ideas for runners from a variety of different categories, and helping you find the perfect gift for your runner.

With each category, I have created a downloadable pdf that has the items I talked about on the podcast episode and in the blog post, without all of the fluff, to make your shopping as stress-free as possible. Simply download the pdf, click the link for the item, and you’re all set! And if you have any questions about any items on any list, please don’t hesitate to contact me or shoot me a tweet for clarification.

Runner Saftey

Runner Safety–Show Notes

Runner Safety–Download PDF

Runner Fuel and Hydration

Fuel for Runners–Show Notes

Fuel for Runners Gift Ideas–Downloadable PDF

Runner Aches and Pains

Managing Aches and Pains–Show Notes

 Managing Aches and Pains–Downloadable Gift List  

Runner Accessories

Runner Accessories–Show Notes

Click Here to Download a List of Runner Accessories

Runner Electronics

Runner Electronics–Show Notes

Click Here to Download a List of Electronics for Runners

Training Aids for Runners

Training Aids–Show Notes

Click Here to Download a List of Training Aids

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