After 356 Marathons, Chuck Van Duzee is Still Going Strong! (Best-Of)

Today we are taking a look back at Episode 573, from May of 2018, with one of the OGs of road running, Mr. Chuck Van Duzee. Enjoy!

Today I am going a few easy miles with a man that ran his first marathon before I was born.

Chuck Van Duzee at the 2017 NYC Marathon

It’s safe to say that Chuck Van Duzee has some stories to share with over 4 decades of running experience.

In total, he’s run over 300 marathons throughout the U.S. and around the world.

(Update: Chuck recently completed his 356th marathon!)

Facing Father Time

Chuck began running 40 years ago at the age of 40.

He has raced all distances in that time from the 5k up to the marathon.

Aging as a runner has been a humbling experience for him.

Team sports have leagues that are separated by ages, but in races all runners are competing at the same time.

Even though his times have slowed, his knowledge of the sport has increased.

The marathon is his favorite distance due to the many strategies people can employ while running.

He views races as an individual experience and never races with friends.

Each race can teach us something to carry forward into the next race.

According to Chuck, the most limiting factor while running a marathon is mental.

Chuck Van Duzee at an Expo

Then and Now

Nothing stays the same and that holds true in running as well.

The biggest difference Chuck has seen in 4 decades of running is the reliance on technology.

He views it as a negative because the focus on pace and time is holding runners back from their potential.

The introduction of chip timed races are something that he has come to love.

Having completed 12 Boston Marathons, he has seen a dramatic difference in that race over the years as well.

Before Boston became as popular, one could sign up for the race a week prior.

He also recalls a time when women weren’t allowed to run Boston, but they were bandit “friendly.”

At the age of 80, Chuck is hopeful that he can continue running for many more years.

Chuck Van Duzee and Crew, Showing Off That Bling!

Chuck Van Duzee has been #running marathons for over 40 years (356 and counting) and has no plans of stopping anytime soon! #runchat Click To Tweet

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4 replies
  1. Jasmine
    Jasmine says:

    I really enjoyed this episode. What stood out most to me was taking time to run unaided. Last year when I started running, I was so dependent on my tech. When my Fitbit broke, I didn’t run for 3 days while I waited on my friend to send me her old one in the mail!! And sometimes it would take ten minutes to even get out the door just figuring out my playlist and headphones! This year, i do many runs mostly unaided. I do like to have my watch but only to keep up with the miles.

    • Denny
      Denny says:

      I’m definitely a fan of having my tech, but there are definitely times when it’s nice to just go and now worry about music/podcasts/splits and just enjoy the run!

    • Denny
      Denny says:

      Relax Ed. He’s not advocating for it now, just talking about how it used to be back in the day when it really wasn’t a big deal.


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