Your best years of running are still ahead of you.

That's True

Not only can you continue to crush your running goals for years to come, but you can do so while still prioritizing family, work, and the other non-negotiables in your life.

You are busy AF, we both know that.

The last thing you want to do on top of all of the other things you do every day is figure out the intricate details of a quality training plan.

  • Deciding the right number of miles to run each week.
  • Determining how long to make your peak long run ahead of your goal race.
  • Confidently deciding which hard workouts are the best options for reaching your goals.
  • Rearranging your schedule appropriately after life happens and you miss a run or few.
  • Balancing your long-term running goals while making progress ahead of the next race on your schedule.
  • Making smart choices about recovery and resolving aches and niggles before they turn into proper injuries.

As a coach, I help make your continued growth as an athlete a reality by taking the guesswork out of your training so you can focus on one thing: running.

I handle the details. You handle the running.

Simple as.

Over time, the progress you make will become undeniable.

Even when it comes in unexpected places. Like when a focus on marathon training/racing results in a massive 5k PB.

Which is exactly what happened for Santina, when she took over 2 minutes off of her 5k PB from the year prior.

And Santina isn’t alone.

There have been many PBs and running milestones achieved by the #DizRunners over the years.

What I love most is when one goal gets smashed and then begs the question of what else is possible, which is exactly what Santina expressed in her note seen above.

Again, this isn’t unique to this one athlete.

As the runners I coach have grown and set new goals for themselves, I ensure the training schedule grows and adapts to make those new goals achievable.

I can do this for you, too.

Want me to handle the details of your training so you can focus on the running? And bag a few unexpected PBs in the process?

Let’s get started!