Cody Mummau Embraces What His Atypical Runners Body Can Do

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My guest today is a self-described Clydesdale that loves the sport, the joy, and the encouragement of the community.

Every distance he conquers is his own personal mountain that keeps him coming back to the sport.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Cody Mummau today!

Cody Mummau

Running For A Cure

Cody Mummau was a football player growing up and always viewed running as more of a punishment than something people did for enjoyment.

Given his view of running, he had never tried the sport until just a few years ago.

Cody’s wife saw an ad for the Donna Marathon which is a race in Florida that is dedicated to supporting breast cancer research and care.

She was immediately drawn to the idea because her mother is a two-time breast cancer survivor.

Having never run a marathon before, she asked Cody if he thought she could do it.

Cody was immediately supportive of her goal and vowed to help in any way in the year leading up to the race.

His wife followed the Jeff Galloway marathon training plan and used her mom as motivation when training inevitably got tough.

A year later as Cody was watching his wife complete her first marathon a seed was planted in his mind.

A Slippery Slope

Following his wife’s Donna Marathon finish, they decided to make the race a yearly tradition.

The next year Cody, his wife, and 40 others traveled to Florida to run the race.

Cody took part in the marathon relay and fell in love with the sport during the race.

From that day forward he went on to run multiple 5ks and 10ks.

Cody has a busy schedule as a youth pastor and running has provided a much-needed outlet.

When Cody runs he is able to center his thoughts and pray.

Running has evolved from punishment to a place of peace and joy.

Cody Mummau

Competition Of One

Cody’s brother began running around the same time as him and in that time has completed over 20 marathons.

Initially, Cody was hesitant to run in a race because he didn’t see the point if he had no chance of winning.

It didn’t take him long to realize that the only person he was competing against was himself.

Each time he crosses a finish line, he accomplishes something.

Regardless of what his official time is, Cody finds purpose in being an encouragement to others while having a fun time.

It should come as no surprise that Cody chose the Donna marathon as his first half marathon.

The training didn’t go as smoothly as he had hoped, due to an increasingly busy work schedule.

Cody still managed to complete the race while also looking ahead to what else he could accomplish.

Trust the Training

After completing a half marathon, Cody signed up for his first marathon.

The training went much better, but the actual race day pushed him to his limits.

Cody fell apart at mile 21 and looking back he realized it had to do with underhydrating.

At mile 23, Cody debated quitting the race but ultimately convinced himself to trust his training.

He saw his young daughter with under two miles to go, and that was all the motivation he needed to finish strong.

Cody is planning on running the race again this year and learn from his mistakes.

Not Your Average Runner

Cody is over 6 feet 5 inches tall and weighs over 200 pounds.

He is fully aware that he doesn’t fit the description of what most people think an average runner should look like.

Cody learned quickly that you don’t need to look like a runner to run.

Over the years, he has had to battle with his mind and learn to trust his body.

Cody has one goal when it comes to running and that is to be able to run for years to come.

In the time since his last race, he has moved and life has gotten exponentially busier.

Even with all the changes and added stress, running has continued to be there for Cody.

With each run he goes on, Cody tries to always remember not to take any of it for granted.

Cody Mummau

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