Corinne Milligan Is Seeing The World Through The Eyes Of A Runner

My guest today is a lady that loves to combine running and traveling.

She is well on her way to reaching her goal of running a half marathon in every state and has also raced quite a bit outside of the country as well.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Corinne Milligan as we talk race-cations along with a whole lot more!

Corinne Milligan

Learning To Love Running

Corrine Milligan never enjoyed running while growing up.

Throughout high school and college, she dabbled in the sport but was never consistent.

As an adult, she moved around quite a bit for her job and wasn’t very active.

A friend and co-worker quit his job to pursue a career as a running coach.

Corrine was ready for a challenge and asked her friend to teach her how to love running.

She completed her first 5k a few months after starting to run and was hooked immediately.

This all occurred about 10 years ago and in that time Corrine has grown to truly love the sport.

Corrine is not the fastest runner, but she prides herself on her consistency.

Corrine Milligan

Tool For Confidence

Corrine has experienced many benefits that she attributes to running.

One of the biggest perks is how being a runner has increased her confidence.

She has lost a bit of weight with running but that is not her main reason for continuing in the sport.

Running has given her a way to be able to push her body more than she ever thought possible.

Prior to becoming a runner, Corrine didn’t necessarily have the confidence to travel to new places solo.

Now she regularly goes on race-cations and explores new places.

Running has unlocked an adventurous side Corrine never knew she possessed.

Running Turtles

A few years back, Corrine met a group called the Running Turtles.

The group is primarily composed of mid to back of the pack runners, but they welcome any runner regardless of pace.

The Running Turtles focus mainly on having fun and prioritizes the friendships made in the group.

It was this group that first introduced her to the idea of running a half marathon in all 50 states.

After joining the group on a few running vacations, she quickly realized that she loved being able to see different parts of the country.

Corrine has found that she prefers exploring new cities while running because she is able to see it in a way she otherwise wouldn’t.

The goal to eventually accomplish all 50 states keeps her motivated to continue running as long as her body will allow.

Corinne Milligan and the Marathon Expedition Coaches

Lessons Learned Along the Way

To date, Corrine has run a race in the majority of the states along the east coast and is slowly working her way across the country.

She has experienced traveling solo, with friends, and with marathon travel groups.

If Corrine has a choice, she prefers a more relaxed schedule that allows her to be flexible in the days both before and after the race.

In her mission to check off all 50 states, she has run two half marathons in two different states on the same weekend.

When choosing which races to sign up for, Corrine has some tried and true ways.

Typically she tries to find races that are near friends.

This option allows her to potentially stay with a friend, save on lodging costs, while combining a visit with a race.

If a friend doesn’t live nearby, then she will research races that are friendly to the back of the pack runners.

Corinne Milligan

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