Cory Robinson Learned To Never Say Never When It Comes To Running

Today’s guest is relatively new to running, but he has found the sport to be beneficial for his mind, body, and soul in that short time.

He has also found a way to turn running into a bit of a family affair, even for those that aren’t runners!

I am looking forward to covering those topics and many more as I go a few easy miles with Cory Robinson today!

Cory Robionson

Lifestyle Change

Cory Robinson is relatively new to the sport, only having started running about 5 years ago.

Growing up, he had no interest in running and viewed it as a form of punishment.

Fast forward to when his kids were a bit older and he found himself at a weight he wasn’t comfortable at.

Cory made the decision to make healthier choices when it came to his diet along with his lifestyle.

Taking up running was one of the lifestyle changes that Cory began to implement.

Whenever he found himself wanting to mindlessly snack, he opted to run instead.

It didn’t take long before Cory found he was getting hooked on running and the feeling it gave him.

Cory Robinson and His Family

A Family Affair

Cory gravitated towards running because his cousin was a runner.

His cousin was not always a runner and had the odds stacked against him.

He was a former smoker that was also legally blind and yet he accomplished running a marathon in every Providence in Canada.

Cory was inspired by his cousin’s energy and encouragement.

His first run was at night on remote streets to ensure that no one saw him trying to run.

He quickly got over his embarrassment and found himself logging more and more miles.


Prior to this past year, Cory ran to race.

He considers himself a “5k specialist,” but would never turn down a chance to run any race.

Though he raced frequently, he was not immune to struggles on race day.

In each race that he faced challenges in, he was also able to pinpoint the issues and work to resolve them for the future.

Cory never had aspirations to run an ultra and yet he found himself lining up at the start for a 12-hour race.

It was his cousin, once again, that encouraged him to give it a try.

Cory had to run a 6k every hour on the hour for 12 hours.

In total, he ran over 40 miles and to this day doesn’t regret a thing.

Cory Robinson and His Cousin

Never Say Never

Though Cory has run an ultra, he still has yet to run a marathon.

A year ago, he would’ve said never because he didn’t think he was fast enough.

If he couldn’t run a marathon in a certain time, he didn’t think there was any point in trying.

Running has taught him a lot in the past year, and now Cory is ready to conquer a marathon once racing returns.

He has gained confidence that he otherwise wouldn’t have if he hadn’t become a runner.

Cory has found that along with challenging himself through the sport, he also is more likely to challenge himself outside of running as well.

A New Perspective

For someone that runs to race, this past year of no races has forced Cory to re-evaluate why he runs.

Cory used this past year as a re-set for his running.

Over the past year, he has gradually upped his weekly mileage and has never felt better.

He has learned that he can’t PR every race and runs because he wants to run.

Cory now has a deeper love for running and considers it a part of his lifestyle now.

When races do resume, Cory has no doubt that he will be prepared.

Cory initially began running for himself, but now it has become an activity for his entire family.

Though not all of his kids run, they, along with his wife have found they love volunteering for races.

Cory Robinson and His Family

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  1. Trevor Connelly
    Trevor Connelly says:

    I have had the honour of being friends with Cory almost my entire life. Cory is a great example of changes made for health and, well being. He has always been a strong, hardworking man. A person who values family, friends and, hard work. He has never been one to shy away from a challenge, but one you will rarely ever see without a smile on his face. Keep up the great work and example Cory.


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