Dr. Kyle Bowling Created An Affordable And Fool-Proof Recovery Tool

My guest on the show today is Dr. Kyle Bowling, a chiropractor, runner, and entrepreneur.

Dr. Kyle Bowling created a product that all athletes should consider adding to their recovery toolbox.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles today with Dr. Kyle as we talk running, running injuries, and injury prevention.

Dr. Kyle Bowling

The Only Way To Go Is Up

Dr. Kyle Bowling’s first experience with running didn’t go exactly as he expected.

He didn’t make the cut for the track team when in fourth grade.

The following year, Dr. Kyle made the team but finished last in all the races.

Dr. Kyle’s competitive nature was the driving force behind his determination to improve each season.

While in high school Dr. Kyle drew enough attention that he would go on to run at a Division I school.

While running for The University of Louisville, he ran for both the track and cross country teams.

He competed in various events including the 5k, 10k, and the steeplechase.

Silver Lining To Injuries

Following his collegiate running career, Dr. Kyle was looking forward to taking a break from serious running.

For 3-4 years he continued to run, but not seriously.

During his late 20’s, Dr. Kyle began to dial in his running again.

When he distanced himself from being competitive it allowed him to look back at his running career.

It was midway through college that Dr. Kyle began to get chronic injuries.

He was never evaluated as to what was the cause of his injuries.

This lack of answers was what ultimately led him down the path of being a sports chiropractor.

Unique Needs

Runners have unique needs when it comes to staying healthy and preventing injuries.

Running is the only sport that combines high repetitive motions with high impact.

Running can be brutal on the body if one is not doing all the little things to take care of it.

When a runner has good mechanics then they can improve the strength of their bones, tendons, and ligaments.

A gait analysis can be a valuable tool to help a runner understand where their weaknesses lie.

A quality professional will dive deep into an athlete’s injury history.

There are many pieces of the pie that contribute to a successful recovery including:

  • Wearing the correct shoes
  • Eating a healthy diet
  • Sleeping the optimal amount
  • Hydrating properly
  • Being patient with recovery and not rushing anything

Activation Is Key

Dr. Kyle has found that glute inactivation is one of the most common causes of injuries in runners.

The glutes consist of 3 separate muscles that all function independently of one another.

Dr. Kyle recommends comparing balance on each leg as a quick way to determine if there is a weakness on one side.

There are certain exercises that Dr. Kyle suggests doing prior to running to help “wake” up the glute muscles.

Three important areas that all runners should focus on are:

  • Core/hip stability
  • Ankle dorsoflexion
  • Quad muscles

The body is one long kinetic chain where everything is connected.

One issue somewhere can create a waterfall effect in other areas that are seemingly unrelated at first.

Know What Questions To Ask

When a runner is injured choosing a medical professional can be daunting.

The first step is knowing what questions to ask.

There are various professionals that can help with injuries and are not limited to chiropractors.

The key is to make sure that the practitioner is knowledgeable in the area of concern.

Dr. Kyle would be wary of going to a practitioner that immediately suggests stopping running altogether.

Most if not all injuries can be worked through without completely eliminating running.

CTM Band

Dr. Kyle has many suggestions for his patients to do at home for recovery and to avoid injury.

A foam roller is one such tool that Dr. Kyle suggests using at home, but it only works if done correctly.

Dr. Kyle wanted to address a problem he was noticing with his patients.

His creation of the CTM (compression, tension, movement) band was his solution for a user-friendly recovery tool.

The CTM band combines 3 elements needed for myofascial release.

The band is both a functional and dynamic way to self-treat various areas.

Small spheres are attached to the band which can be removed as needed.

The band is wrapped around an area for 2 to 3 minutes and when it’s released the rush of blood helps to improve recovery.

CTM Band

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Dr. Kyle Bowling is a chiropractor as well as a runner and has seen how one small issue can throw off the entire mechanics of an athlete. His solution was to create a simple and effective recovery tool that is fool-proof. Click To Tweet

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