Guess Who Signed Up for the Echo Half Marathon in June?

This guy.

I was planning on getting back into “serious” running later this fall, but when the opportunity to run the Echo Half Marathon popped up I couldn’t resist.

Echo Half Marathon

Echo Half Marathon Logo

And there were plenty of reasons I should have resisted. Among them:

  • A half marathon in June. In Florida. It’s gonna be hot y’all.
  • It’s only like 2 months away! And I’m not even close to race ready.
  • I know people running the race, which means I better get ready or get embarrassed.
  • Did I mention it’ll be hot?

But in all seriousness, it will be a good thing for me to be staring down the barrel of a race.

Like I mentioned when I announced I’d be running an ultra in December, I need the pressure of an official race to help push me to get more serious about my training.

The pressure is now officially on.

And that’s no April Fools joke, either.

Any of You Guys (Besides Bill) Crazy Enough to Even Consider Running a Summer Half in Florida? 

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