Elizabeth Wilson Hasn’t Missed A Day Of Running In Over 6 Years

My guest today is on her sixth consecutive year of running at least one mile per day.

As with any run streaker that I have on the show, there is always plenty to talk about.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles today with Elizabeth Wilson.

Elizabeth Wilson

Finding An Adult Sport

Elizabeth Wilson was very active growing up participating in cross country, soccer, and swimming.

After graduating from high school, life got more stressful and regular exercise was the first thing to go.

When she was in her 20’s, she found it was more challenging to maintain a healthy weight.

As a way to shed some weight and get healthier she began to look into what sports were easily accessible to her.

Running was the obvious answer due to the fact that her father was a runner himself.

He ran marathons regularly and was a big influence on getting Elizabeth into the sport.

Her dad would challenge her to run with him and before long she was able to run a mile without stopping.

That was a big milestone for her and it propelled her even further into the sport.

Putting It Off Won’t Make It Easier

Elizabeth has stuck with running for a variety of reasons.

Along with improving her physical health, running has also helped with her mental health as well.

At its core, running is a very simple sport that requires minimal equipment.

Just as Elizabeth began to enjoy the sport, she contemplated signing up to run a marathon.

She rationalized her decision because putting off doing a marathon in the future wouldn’t make running one any easier.

Elizabeth convinced herself to sign up and completed her first 26.2 at the age of 28.

After completing the race, she was no longer intimidated by the distance and began to run at least one full per year.

Elizabeth Wilson

An Intriguing Challenge

Elizabeth is in her sixth year of running at least a mile every day.

It was while she was in school to earn her MBA that she came across the idea.

She read an article about a man that had a 40-year running streak going and she couldn’t get the idea out of her mind.

Elizabeth first began her streak in January of 2015, but life got in the way and forced her to break the streak a few months later.

Streak 2.0 for Elizabeth began one week after she broke the first streak.

Since that day in the spring of 2015, she has not missed a day of running.

The discipline required to run at least a mile a day has had a positive impact on her life as a whole.

No Excuses

Successfully maintaining a 6-year run streak hasn’t always been easy.

The previous 6 months have been the most challenging because Elizabeth and her husband became the parents of 3 foster kids.

The expansion of her family has meant she has to have a plan with when to get her run in.

Her closest moment to breaking her streak came when her hometown experienced an ice storm.

The dangerous weather forced Elizabeth to run laps around her house if she wanted to keep her streak intact.

Running daily for years has taught Elizabeth how important it is to listen to her body.

She has become more in tune with how she is feeling and what type of run she needs on any given day.


The Great Virtual Race Across Tennessee (GVRAT) had its inaugural year in 2020.

Being a resident of Tennessee, Elizabeth didn’t see how she could pass up the opportunity to participate in the event.

She has signed up for the challenge 2 years in a row and hasn’t ruled out signing up for the third time.

Over 5 miles a day is required for consecutive months in order to meet the goal.

A few missed days can quickly result in being too far behind to easily catch up.

The first year, Elizabeth successfully completed the challenge.

This past summer she fell short of the mileage needed to complete the goal due to life circumstances.

It was her first DNF and she had to be okay with it because life happens.

A World View Through A Runner’s Lens

Elizabeth has traveled and lived in various countries around the world as an adult.

She loves seeing the world on foot when she is running and also experiencing the unique running culture of each place.

Her first big marathon was in Paris while she was living in France.

Elizabeth also lived in South Africa for a period and was able to volunteer at the Comrades Marathon.

One day she hopes to be able to run in Comrades and partake in the deep history that energizes the local running community.

On a whim, Elizabeth had entered the NYC lottery not expecting to get in.

Her acceptance into the race came as a surprise and ended up being one of her favorite races.

Elizabeth especially loves the energy surrounding large races.

Elizabeth Wilson

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