Episode 400: A Few Things I’ve Learned in the First 399 Episodes


Episode 400…

That's Crazy

I don’t remember what my thoughts were when I started this process back in July of 2014, but it’s safe to say that Episode 400 wasn’t an expectation or a goal.

Shoot, 10 episodes seemed like a monumental accomplishment back then! So 400?

Wow. Just wow.

I’ve Learned Some Things

If you do something long enough, you’re bound to learn a few things, eh?

In the almost three years that I’ve been doing the show, I’ve definitely learned a few things that I’m able to use in my life beyond the podcast.

Shoot, I can probably use many of the lessons beyond running too!

So for today’s quick tip, and to celebrate a bit of a milestone, I’d love to share a few of the things I’ve learned in my time behind the microphone.

Keep Showing Up

When I first started the podcast, there weren’t many folks that were listening to the show.


There were a few folks in the early days, but as I kept showing up and doing new episodes, more and more folks started listening to the show.

Why? Well, I had built some momentum but I also was improving.

My first 50 episodes are rough! Don’t believe, go back in the archives and give them a listen!

But as I stuck with it, I learned what worked and what didn’t work. I made some subtle tweaks and a few major changes.

And that is the key.

Show up. Learn. Keep the good, throw out the bad.

You Determine Your Success

How do you define a successful podcast?

For some podcasters, success means you have to have a certain number of people that listen to every episode. If you don’t meet that threshold, your show is not a success.

You know what I think about that?

Best. Middle Finger. Ever.

I’ll determine if my show is a success, thank you very much! And my metrics for success may or may not have anything to do with how many downloads I get per episode.

You measure your success however you want.

I’ll measure my success the way that I see fit.

Who Knows What’s Possible

Like I said earlier, I don’t think that in my wildest dreams I could have predicted I’d make it to Episode 400.

But honestly, I don’t remember ever having a target for how many episodes I wanted to produce.

Sometimes, we tell ourselves we want to achieve X and fail to push beyond that because we set our goal and we achieved it.

When you do that, you are putting a cap on your potential. You are saying that anything beyond your goal is impossible.

Stop it!

Don’t box yourself in. Don’t say that there is a limit to what you can achieve. Because you know what? There is no limit.

People Are People

In the podcasting world, I see some of my peers that really get caught up in having “big name” guests on their show.

I’ve had Olympians and World Champions on the show, and I’ve people that were brand new to the sport. Neither is better than the other.

Each person is unique. And each person has a story to tell.

This podcast has given me a chance to meet some awesome people and learn (and share) their stories.

And it has absolutely reinforced the idea in my mind that no one is better than anyone else.

We just are, and that’s perfect.

People Are Watching

Well, in this case, I guess people are listening more than they are watching.

But the point remains the same, people are paying attention to the things you’re doing and, whether you know it or not, you’re inspiring those that are watching you.

So if you ever find yourself questioning the significance of what you’re doing, don’t. Because people are watching.

You may be changing someone’s life today. Just saying…

Thank You

I’d be remiss if I didn’t close this post out without saying thank you.

Thank You

Thank you for taking the time to listen to the show or read my words on the website.

Thank you for the emails and the tweets and the laughs on Facebook and all the way’s that we’ve interacted.

But most of all, thank you for allowing me into your world a few times a week. It’s an honor that I don’t take lightly.

So until next time, keep running y’all. And I’ll keep podcasting.


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What Is Your Biggest Takeaway from the First 399 Episodes of Diz Runs Radio?

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