Floris Gierman Turned His Love For All Things Running Into A Career

Today’s guest is someone that I am really looking forward to talking to because I know that I’ll learn quite a bit in our chat today.

He’s a running coach, podcaster,  part-owner of the running apparel company PATH projects, along with his most important titles of husband and father.

I am looking forward to trying to keep up with Floris Gierman as we go a few easy miles today.

Floris Gierman

From 4 Wheels To 2 Feet

Floris Gierman grew up in Amsterdam and was into skateboarding for as long as he can remember.

Growing up and as an adult, Floris would skateboard for hours at a time.

All that time spent skateboarding required a significant amount of endurance, not unlike running.

It was also a sport that often resulted in injuries.

Over the years, Floris had broken his wrist 6 times along with various other bones.

He eventually decided to try a sport that would be a bit easier on his body.

Floris used his endurance base to take up running and crossed his first marathon finish line in 2007.

Floris Gierman

A Learning Process

When Floris first began running, he admittedly didn’t know much about the sport.

Upon completing his first marathon he took a break for a few years as his family began to expand.

He eventually resumed running in 2013, shortly after his daughter was born.

This time around, Floris began to pay attention to training plans and how to correctly pace himself on runs.

Floris also discovered heart rate training after listening to Phil Maffetone on a podcast.

He finished his first marathon in a time of 4 hours and 11 minutes.

Once he discovered how to train appropriately he finished his second full in a time of 2 hours and 55 minutes.

Shaving over an hour off of his time motivated Floris more than ever to continue running to see what he was capable of.

Everything is Interconnected

Over the years, Floris has realized the impact of stress, nutrition, sleep, and hydration on his performance.

Everything is connected and when even one area is off he won’t reach his potential on any given day.

The night before his first marathon, Floris was up working until 2:30 am at an event.

In hindsight, he realized how that late-night negatively affected his performance.

In order to make progress, he had to let go of his “no pain, no gain,” mentality.

Floris had his “aha” moment after listening to Phil Maffetone.

He built up his base over time with a majority of easy running before he began to add in intensity.

Along the way, he set achievable goals with realistic timelines to aid in his consistency and progress.

Floris Gierman


Floris first began his podcast Extramilest in 2014.

He loved the knowledge that came from having conversations with other runners and experts in the running world.

Floris wanted to share what he learned and through a podcast, he was able to reach more people.

Over the years he interviewed Phil Maffetone three times along with a wide variety of other guests.

Floris found a great deal of joy in interviewing the everyday runner.

He found that the average runner was often more relatable and just as inspiring.

Path Projects

The inspiration for Path Projects first began 5 years ago when the founder Scott Bailey sold his company to work on his dream.

Scott was inspired to develop the ultimate men’s running shorts.

Floris first heard about the company three and a half years ago through a friend.

He was intrigued and decided to buy some shorts to test them out for himself.

Floris was so impressed that he connected with Scott about getting involved.

The transition for Floris from an executive at a major company to a business partner at Path Projects was a natural one.

The development process took 18 months of hard work and long hours.

Floris believes that the company hasn’t even begun to reach its potential and is excited to see how they can further improve the products.

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