Quick Tip: Holiday Fun Run Survival Guide

No matter where you are in the world, it’s the time of the year when holiday fun runs/races start popping up left and right.

There are Santa Runs, Reindeer Runs, Jingle Bell Runs, Last Run of 2015, and Lord knows how many other “fun titles” for races themed around Christmas and/or the New Year.

A Sample of Holiday Fun Runs

A Sample of Holiday Fun Runs

If you find yourself signed up for a local holiday fun run, here are a few things you might want to keep in mind.

This Episode Sponsored by Runner Box

This Episode Sponsored by Runner Box

  • A Fun Run Isn’t a Race: If you’re here for the fun run, you’re not racing. Period. Leave your Garmin at home and just have fun. No need to chase a PR or monitor your splits.
  • If You are Planning to Race, Do So Intelligently: Remember, most people that will be completing the holiday fun run aren’t racing and may not even be regular runners. If you’re planning to race, make sure you start near the front to minimize the number of non-racers you have to clear in the first half mile or so and be aware that there may be some people that don’t know proper race etiquette. Don’t curse them out, this is technically a fun run, remember.
  • Respect the Elements: Your holiday fun run can become a lot less fun if you blow a tire running over some black ice. If the course looks like it could be a bit slippery, slow down and be careful!
  • Have Fun: It’s a holiday fun run for goodness sakes! If you want to dress according to the theme, go for it! Rock the full santa suit out there! Attach jingle bells to as many places as you can so you “jingle all the way”! Wear some reindeer antlers and paint your nose red! Whatever the theme is, if you feel like going all out there’s no reason you shouldn’t!

Whatever your strategy is when it comes to holiday fun runs, ultimately the key is having fun.

And with as much hustle and bustle always seems to overtake our lives this time of year, slowing down for a “race” and having fun might be just what the doctor ordered!

Are You Running a Holiday Themed Race This Year? Are You Planning to Run it For Fun, or Will You Be Racing It?

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