Jasmine Lozano Lives Her Life Without Fear Of Failure

Today’s guest is someone that has been one of our friendliest and most supportive members of the FB group over the past few years.

Like many of us, she has experienced many ups and downs over the course of the pandemic, but just recently completed her first marathon.

I am looking forward to covering that topic and many more as I go a few easy miles with Jasmine Lozano.

Jasmine Lozano

Almost Didn’t Start

Jasmine Lozano hasn’t always been a runner and only began running in the last few years when she was in her 30’s.

She wasn’t feeling her best and did a quick search on how to lose weight fast.

Running was the first thing that appeared.

In her research, she found the Couch to 5k (C25k) program.

Prior to starting the program, Jasmine skipped to the end and saw that she would be required to run for 20 minutes.

Running for that amount of time seemed so unrealistic for her that she almost didn’t even start.

Jasmine isn’t afraid of failure and decided to start regardless of if she met her goal.

She began C25k on January 1st of 2018 as a part of her New Year’s Resolution.

New Year’s Resolution Success Story

The first few months of running went as smoothly as Jasmine could have hoped for.

She was injury-free and looked forward to each run.

Jasmine attributed her success on sticking with running to a few different factors.

She likes having habits and goals and generally will choose one or two things to focus on to lower her chance of failure.

Leading up to her first 5k in May of 2018, Jasmine had worked up to running 5 miles.

She successfully completed her first 5k race.

The training and race went so well that Jasmine was looking ahead to what was next.

Jasmine Lozano

Never Says No To A Challenge

Jasmine is the type of person that never says no to a challenge.

So when her friend suggested a 10-mile race one month after her first 5k, Jasmine was all in.

She and her friend prepared by adding one mile each week to the long run until the week of the race.

The 10-mile race didn’t go nearly as smoothly as the 5k.

Jasmine made all the new runner mistakes.

She wore cheap clearance section shoes along with shorts she had never worn before race day.

Jasmine also discovered what chafing was midway through the race, yet she pushed through and crossed the finish line.

In her short time as a runner, Jasmine has learned that pain doesn’t always mean you have to stop.

Running Took A Backseat

Jasmine is a stay-at-home mom with two young kids.

When the pandemic started in March of 2020, her life like many others looked drastically different.

She did all she could to take care of herself and her family but something had to give and that something was running.

Jasmine made sure to keep moving, but most of 2020 didn’t include running.

In 2021 she was at a better place in her life and made the decision to get back to doing what she loved.

For the first few months, Jasmine was discouraged with her running fitness.

She had to remind herself that progress takes time and to give herself grace.

It took about 2 months to fully feel like herself again.

Team World Vision

Jasmine has been a long-time supporter of the non-profit organization World Vision.

One day she got a postcard in the mail for a 6k run/walk sponsored by Team World Vision.

The 6k distance is significant because it’s the average distance a person in a developing country has to walk to access clean water.

Jasmine also learned that World Vision had a team they were putting together to raise money and to run a half and/or full marathon.

Without thinking she signed up for the marathon distance.

Training went anything but smoothly.

Anything that could come up did, including injury, illness for both herself and her kids, and she experienced a loss in the family.

Rather than quit, she made adjustments along the way and continued her training the best she could.

Jasmine Lozano


As of this recording, Jasmine was 2 weeks out from finishing her first marathon.

Her thoughts on the marathon were that it was similar to childbirth in many ways.

The distance was unknown, scary, and hard, but she would do it all over again.

One unexpected challenge on race day was the weather.

Jasmine was faced with running 26.2 miles in the first snowfall of the winter in Wisconsin.

Physically she was wet and cold and mentally she struggled.

Seeing her kids at mile 20 gave her the push she needed to finish no matter what.

Jasmine and another stranger teamed up for the last 6 miles to help get each other to the finish line.

Though Jasmine didn’t complete the race under the cut-off time, she has never been more proud of an accomplishment.

Seeking God, Loving Others

In March of 2021, Jasmine ventured into the podcast world, with her show, “Seeking God, Loving Others.”

She loved listening to podcasts and running has taught her that she can do anything she sets her mind to.

The podcast quickly became a way for Jasmine to express herself freely.

Her focus is on sharing encouraging stories to motivate others.

“Seeking God, Loving Others,” weaves together the topics of running and faith.

Both running and faith have a way of proving that nothing is impossible.

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