Jay Nevans is Experienced in the Art of Race Directing and Timing

My guest today is a race director of a large marathon, co-owns an event timing company, and has participated in multiple races and sports.

Jay Nevans Hard at Work During the 7 Bridges Marathon

It’s fair to say he knows the ins and outs of putting on a good event.

I will go a few easy miles with Jay Nevans as we dive into the multi-faceted world of multi-sports and planning races.

Early Start

Jay was first introduced to running when his neighbor took him to a 5k at the age of 8.

From there he went on to compete in cross country, track, and multi-sports throughout high school to the present day.

Along with competing at a young age, he also got into managing and timing events as a 20-year-old.

His races have ranged from the Leadville 100 mountain bike race to IronMan Triathlons.

Jay has completed the Leadville 100 bike race 8 out of the 11 times he has attempted it.

Some advantages of doing the same race multiple times are knowing what to expect and how to prepare.

One shouldn’t expect their best performance from the first time doing an event.

Future goals include, but aren’t limited to, running a Boston qualifier and possibly doing the Leadville 100 running race.

He struggles with many of the same things as the average runner, such as nutrition on runs and adjusting his training as he ages.

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The Not So Simple Act Of Timing

Jay got into timing events at the age of 20 through the insistence of a friend.

Now timing events and race management are what Jay does full time as co-owner of Scenic City Multisport.

As Jay has learned through the years, there are 1000 ways to get a race wrong and only one way to get it right.

Most things that can disrupt a race and timing are out of his control.

It’s nearly impossible to give 2000 plus people a perfect race day experience.

The people behind the scenes of a race are human and deserve some grace if a mistake is made.

Most of the time it’s NOT the timer’s fault.

Timing a race depends on a host of variables including a strong cell connection.

Most people will complain if something goes wrong, but very few will speak up when things go right.

If you have a good race experience, make sure to send an email communicating that.

7 Bridges Marathon


Runners During the 7 Bridges Marathon

The 7 Bridges Marathon in Chattanooga, Tennessee is going on it’s 8th year.

As the race director, Jay prides himself on making the race accessible to beginner runners.

Some of the ways this race is unique are:

  • A variety of relay options are offered.
  • After the first 4 miles, aid stations are offered nearly every mile.
  • 3 distances are offered: marathon, half-marathon, and 5k.
  • Real bathrooms are available throughout the race.
  • The volunteers are top notch.
  • Medals are one of a kind and in a giant rhino shape.
  • The shirts are dye-supplemented which equates to more breathable and durable fabric.

It comes as no surprise that there are some bridges to cross in each course.

The course is mostly flat aside from the elevation change from the bridges and one hill at the end of all 3 distances.

Similar to most fall races, the weather can vary but is typically mild.

Travel to the race is accessible due to proximity to numerous airports and major roads.

Chattanooga is not lacking in activities for out of towners looking to explore the city.

The race website offers a comprehensive list of activities, restaurants, and partner lodging which offer race day shuttles.

Mentioned In This Episode:

If you want to connect with Jay check out the 7 Bridges Marathon Website and/or follow the Facebook page for the race.

Jay Nevans is the race director of 7 Bridges Marathon and co-owner of Scenic City Multisports. As an athlete himself, he is no stranger to what's involved in planning and executing a successful event. #runchat Click To Tweet

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