Jen Miller is Back for Round 2, Talking About Her New Book & Much More

Today I’m catching up again with Jen Miller, who made her Diz Runs With debut back in Episode 115.

Jen Miller is Back!

Jen Miller is Back!

Since the last time we talked, Jen has released her new book (Running: A Love Story), run another marathon, and taken a whirlwind book tour (which is finally over for the time being!).

An Early Curveball

I started this episode as I always do, and asked Jen what her favorite distance to race is and why.

Her answer hasn’t changed in the past year (she’s a fan of the 10 miler), so I asked her about her least favorite distance to race and why.

Like me, Jen is no fan of really racing a 5k hard. She also said she’s not a big fan of running a marathon, even though she admitted to kind of liking the training, because of the amount of recovery time that she needs after running 26.2.

A Rough Build Up

We got into talking about her most recent marathon experience, a new PR at the rainy and wet 2016 New Jersey Marathon.

Jen Miller During the 2016 New Jersey Marathon

Jen Miller During the 2016 New Jersey Marathon

Her original goal for the race was to go for a pretty big PR–until life happened.

Like I mentioned above, she went on a bit of a book tour after her book was released which definitely impacted her training in the build up to the race.

But that’s really just the tip of the ice berg. She also hurt her foot, got super sick, suffered a concussion, and had her foot stepped on the night before the race!

Talk about having the odds stacked against her, and she still managed a PR.

Running: A Love Story

You might think that for someone that writes for a living, writing a book would be a pretty smooth process.

Not so much.

Writing this book was anything but smooth sailing.

That said, I’m glad she stayed the course because the book is really good.

Running: A Love Story by Jen Miller

Running: A Love Story by Jen Miller

The book is a memoir, and Jen talks about how running has woven its way into her life. And as with any good memoir, she is raw and open about many aspects of her life that are really personal.

We talked about the struggle with bringing up some of those rough spots in her past, and how her friends and family have reacted to hearing some of her stories for the first time.

She also interlaced her 2013 New Jersey Marathon experience into the entire book as well, which was a great way to tie the book together.

This Episode is Sponsored By: The Coterie

Sponsored By: The Coterie

Sponsored By: The Coterie

Beyond the Book

We didn’t just talk about the book, I promise!

However, I was curious if she thought she had another book in her or not, and whether she prefers writing books to writing articles or vice versa.

Spoiler alert, yes and she does like doing both.

We also got a history lesson about heat deaths in the military from back in the day, and what running means to her at this point in her life.

Jen A. Miller

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