Joe Randene Is Confident Running Communities Can Weather The Storm

Joe Randene will be joining me on the show today and we have a whole host of topics to cover.

He has seen his life change pretty drastically since the day he decided to take up running, both personally and professionally.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Joe Randene today.

Joe Randene Photo by: RunnerSpace

Unhealthy Habits

Growing up, Joe Randene was overweight and unhealthy.

He was never taught about the benefits of healthy eating and consistent activity.

During high school, Joe was involved in various sports and ultimately lost weight due to all the extra physical activity.

Immediately after graduation, Joe joined the military which forced him to stay active.

After his military involvement, Joe got married, had kids, and was living in Italy for his job.

Joe fell back into unhealthy habits and without realizing it, he had gained a substantial amount of weight.

His turning point came one early morning before leaving for a work trip and he was unable to button his shirt.

At the last minute before leaving, Joe threw his running shoes in his bag.

Cause and Effect

Joe wasted no time lacing up his sneakers and heading out for his first run.

That first run Joe made it about 100 feet before he had to stop.

Afterward, he immediately began researching how to start running and came across the couch to 5k program.

It didn’t take long for Joe to begin noticing a cause and effect.

When he ate healthier foods and drank less alcohol his runs improved.

In the process, he also began steadily losing weight which positively affected his running.

As a way to stay motivated, a friend of his suggested signing up for a charity 10k.

Joe set a goal of running it in less than an hour and crossed the finish line in 55 minutes.

“He’s Not Special”

Joe has one piece of advice for anyone that is considering taking up the sport and it’s that “he’s not special.”

If he can do it than anyone is capable of it as well and it’s never too late.

With the amount of work travel that Joe was doing at the time, taking up running made the most sense.

The beauty of running is that it doesn’t require much gear and it can be done anywhere and anytime.

At its core running is simple, portable, and is accessible to most people.

When Joe first began running he was living in Florence, Italy, and only later moved back to the United States.

The Running Community Is Unique

Through his experiences running both abroad and locally, Joe realized one big fact about runners.

Running communities tend to have more similarities rather than differences regardless of where they’re located.

Joe was drawn to the running community and found himself getting more immersed as the years went on.

Like many runners, Joe frequented his local running store and got to know more about the local running scene.

It was through these interactions that Joe gradually began to see himself making a career switch.

Joe had made a living for most of his life doing things he wasn’t necessarily passionate about and he wanted to make a change.

Joe first began by working part-time at his local Fleet Feet and through hard work and dedication he worked his way up.

Currently, Joe manages two separate locations along with directing various races.

Joe Randene Photo by: RunnerSpace

Unprecedented Times

Life during a pandemic is anything but business as usual and the same goes for the racing scene.

Joe along with everyone involved in organizing races are in uncharted waters.

Most, if not all, events require large long-term coordinated efforts to prepare.

Above all else, the safety of all involved is always Joe’s number one concern.

The decision to postpone or cancel a race is not taken lightly.

It is Joe’s hope that runners have patience and sympathy during these unknown times.

A race event generally doesn’t make a lot of money and often the case is that one race pays for the next.

Refunds may not happen, due to lack of cash flow, not because the people involved don’t want to.

Supporting small companies that organize races is the best way to ensure that they will still be around after the pandemic is over.

Support Local

The Fleet Feet stores Joe works at are constantly trying to figure out new and different ways to support customers.

While keeping safety the main priority they have still been able to provide certain services.

Online ordering and curbside pickup are just two of the many ways they are still being available for their clients.

Through Fleet Feet, Joe is the race director for 3 local trail races.

At this time, race dates are subject to change, but supporting local races is another way to help out the local running scene.

The three races that he directs are Owls Roost Rumble, Triple Lakes Trail Race, and Run at the Rock.

Each race is unique, offers various distances, and can accommodate any level of runner.

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