John Rigney Is Bringing Big Change With The Small World Challenge

John Rigney, one of my Team in Training teammates, will be joining me on the show today.

He is no stranger to fundraising and has some great tips to offer even seasoned runners that raise money frequently.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with John Rigney today.

John Rigney

Bucket List Item

Growing up and into adulthood, running was never something that John aspired to do.

It was while he was in Florida with his wife watching baseball spring training that an idea was born.

During that Florida trip, they stayed on a Disney property and it happened to coincide with the Princess race weekend.

John was inspired by watching all the runners and made it a goal to run a marathon once as a bucket list item.

This goal was set in March of 2010 and he didn’t begin running until August of that year.

John didn’t set out to join a fundraising team, but that all changed when he saw an ad for Team in Training.

He signed up immediately having never fundraised or even run before.

Initially, he signed up as a way to hold him accountable and he ended up as the top fundraiser for the team.

John Rigney During The Disney Half Marathon

Running For A Purpose

Within a day of finishing his first marathon, John immediately signed up for his next one.

To date, John has done 12 fundraising events for Team in Training and even joined the board of trustees for the chapter.

Fundraising for a charity has kept him focused on the reason why he runs and brought a different perspective.

Initially, when John started raising money he got most of his ideas from Team in Training.

Team in Training provides ideas on how to get started and even what type of wording to use.

As John has experienced, asking is often the hardest part.

The majority of people want to support the individual and their goals.

John Rigney

How To Get Started

Thinking outside the box is helpful when trying to raise money for a charity.

John has employed various methods when fundraising for his team and shared some of his more successful ideas.

John had a yard sale in which he asked friends and family to donate items to be sold.

Most people were willing to donate items for the sale and in the end, all the small items amounted to a substantial amount.

Asking people to help sponsor his playlist was another unique way to raise money.

John set an amount per song and donors could pick any song to add to his playlist.

There are unlimited ideas for how to raise money and John encourages people to not get scared off at the idea.

Small World Challenge

John came across his most recent fundraising idea while at Disney World.

While on the ride, “Small World,” with his child the ride malfunctioned and they were on it for over an hour.

That experience prompted John to come up with a fundraising idea that included the Small World ride.

John and his teammates arranged to continuously go on the ride all day in exchange for donations.

The challenge was a success having raising $100,000 collectively as a team.

Disney has a special place in John’s heart and continues to be a place he will always come back to run.

John’s advice for anyone contemplating becoming a charity runner is simple.

Find a connection with a charity that you’re passionate about and the fundraising will come much easier.

John Rigney During The Small World Challenge

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  1. Nancy Cook
    Nancy Cook says:

    Loved this episode – just listened to it on my run! John is amazing – thank you for all your great work for LLS. I totally agree – find your charity and be passionate – people just need to be asked! Great podcast Denny – I am loving catching up on past ones and listening to the new ones too!


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