If You’re Not a Member of Your Local Running Club, It’s Time

One of the best things about the running community is the community itself.

As an active member of the online running community, I’ve loved the friends of made from around the world as a direct result of the running community.

But as awesome as the online running community is, there is nothing like having a local community of runners to be a part of.

If you’ve thought about joining your local running club, but haven’t yet for whatever reason, I’d encourage you to do it.

Here are 10 reasons that I am proud of being a member of my local running club, in case you need help deciding to join your local club.

Proud to Be Part of the Lakeland Runner's Club

I Love My Local Running Club!

10 Great Reasons to Join Your Local Running Club

  1. Local Race Discounts–Since the local running club probably sponsors/hosts many races, don’t be surprised if you get a voucher if you join the club.
  2. Learn from Others–There will be runners that are more experienced than you in the club, learn from them.
  3. Help Others–There will be others looking for advice, help them if you’re able.
  4. Friendly Competition–Instead of racing “that guy”, you’ll now be running against Jim, Steve, and Beth. It’s easy to dig a little deeper/kick a little harder when bragging rights are on the line.
  5. Support Causes–The local club is always working to improve the local running community in a variety of ways, and as a member of the club you are helping to support those same causes.
  6. Support Future Runners–The club may offer scholarships, kids running programs, or other ways to support and encourage young runners.
  7. Meet New Runners–Hanging out at club events, you’re bound to meet plenty of new runners in your community.
  8. Lasting Friendships–And since runners are such good people, some of those runners you meet will likely become friends for a long time.
  9. Great Motivation–Between making new friends, learning from others, and the possibility of a free race voucher, you’ll have loads of motivation to keep running after joining a running club.
  10. You Are a Runner, Right?–Sure, you don’t need to join the running club to be a runner, but as a runner I can’t imagine not being a member of my running club. Our club is amazing, and the value we receive as members far exceeds the minimal cost of an annual membership!

Are you a member of your local running club? Why or why not?

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  1. Steve Carmichael
    Steve Carmichael says:

    As a coach, people often ask me for running advice. Joining a running club is the SINGLE number one thing that improved my running the most. After the one I joined became way too big and a marketing engine for a running store, I created my own. So yeah, I am biased, but nothing else has kept me accountable like a running club and the life long friends I have made. I know so many people get intimidated about whether or not they will be good enough, but rest assured in almost all cases there are total beginners there and most clubs welcome new members regardless of how fast or slow you run (or if you can even run yet). The only pace that matters is FOREWARD! Look around too, because not all clubs are the same. Some focus on training, some focus on fun, some are able to blend them. Great post, Denny!

    • Denny
      Denny says:

      Thanks Steve!

      And that’s a great point that not all clubs are created equally. Our club is actually quite big, and rarely (if ever) is everyone together. What is awesome is that within the club are several other smaller groups, some that do focus on more serious training, some that focus more on the social aspects of running, and some that blur the lines. But the beautiful part is that all of us, no matter which subset we belong to, are proud to be a part of our big club, and are always happy to welcome new faces into our ranks!

  2. Jackie Beyer
    Jackie Beyer says:

    Great post Denny! Can’t agree more! I never would have become a runner or gained the confidence being a runner gives me if I didn’t join a running group and start out with a partner to keep me motivated during those first critical, difficult days!

    • Denny
      Denny says:

      Thanks Jackie! There are so many benefits of being a member of a running club that I couldn’t possibly list all of them.

  3. Trish
    Trish says:

    Very True Words!!!

    I was hesitant to join my local running club because its pretty big and I got scared! I started out by going to the smaller group runs and eased into the group that way. SO glad got over my fear, its been so nice having a larger community to be part of!

    • Denny
      Denny says:

      Glad you made the leap Trish! And thanks for sharing your experience here in case someone else is in your shoes and hesitant to join a big club. Almost all big clubs have several “off shoots”, and by connecting with a smaller group you’ll find you niche and soon find your spot in the larger club as well!


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