Kasha Speas Has Learned Lifelong Lessons By Running One Mile A Day

My guest today is one of those rare runners that belong in the streaker category.

She is closing in on 4 years of running at least a mile every day and she has no plans on stopping anytime soon.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Kasha Speas today.

Kasha Speas

Don’t Give Up

Kasha Speas has been running for over 10 years, but she certainly didn’t come from a running background.

Growing up, Kasha always considered herself more interested in academics rather than sports.

Kasha’s first attempt at a run came because she was curious if she could do it.

The first time Kasha set out to run she only made it 20 seconds before stopping.

Rather than give up, she chose to keep attempting it.

Eventually, she was able to make it the entire way and gradually began to build on the distance.

Kasha consistently ran from then on, but it wasn’t until 3 years later that she would try her hand at a run streak.

Shift In Perspective

Kasha chose to try a run streak, running at least 1 mile every day, just to see if she could do it.

She originally planned on doing it for one week and that one week morphed into an entire year.

After a year of running every day, Kasha was mentally and physically tired.

She took some time off from running consistently and didn’t return to another streak until 1 to 2 years later.

Looking back on that period, Kasha realized she didn’t necessarily need to quit.

Rather than giving up, Kasha should have shifted her perspective.

Originally Kasha viewed a broken run streak as a bad thing.

Kasha could have re-framed her thinking and viewed running every day as a good thing.

Give Yourself Grace

Even though Kasha is closing in on 4 years of running daily, she still has days where she struggles to make it out the door.

More often than not she enjoys her time spent running, but she has also learned to be forgiving of herself.

Fitting a run in daily has not been without some close calls.

Kasha has run through injury, illness, and traveling.

The most important thing is to listen to your body and know where/when to draw the line.

Social media has been a big influence on Kasha’s running.

She has found that there will always be someone that will support her goals.

Seeing others achieve their goals has encouraged Kasha to at the very least try, even if a goal seems daunting.

Kasha Speas

Making Fitness Accessible

Along with being a runner herself, Kasha also coaches others.

She specializes in coaching people that are new or returning to fitness.

Kasha understands that gym memberships can be expensive which is why she strives to make fitness accessible for everyone.

Anyone can access fitness, it just takes an understanding of how to use your environment.

Kasha is a very hands-on coach and hasn’t yet transferred to online coaching.

According to Kasha, the most crucial piece of equipment for women runners is a sports bra.

Kasha wants to make it clear that running can be for anyone, but it’s not for everyone.

Taking care of yourself should be the number one priority and there are countless ways to get in shape.

Looking Ahead

Along with keeping her run streak going as long as possible, Kasha also has other goals she hopes to achieve.

One of those goals is eventually running 24,901 miles in her lifetime.

That number is the circumference of the earth and she is already a quarter of the way there.

Kasha has a realistic view that she will either get to her goals or she won’t, but she will enjoy trying.

Running has taught her many things along the way.

Kasha has learned that she is more capable than she ever thought.

A tool she uses in running and in life is to make the task smaller and smaller until you can’t fail.

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Kasha Speas is quickly closing in on 4 years of running every day. Though she loves running, she realizes it's not for everyone. Her goal is to make fitness accessible to anyone. Share on X

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  1. Wayne Bartlett
    Wayne Bartlett says:

    Hey! I really enjoyed the segment you did with my friend Kasha, she’s fabulous! I’m a whole lot older than she is, but she’s sort of my ‘big sister’ when it comes to running–I’m on a streak too, 5k a day, today was Day DCCXIII (I’m doing Roman numerals, you see). I post daily videos of my 5k and a bunch of other stuff on my Insta, @tophatbanjo. Thanks!…Bart.


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