Lisa Reichmann Is A World Class Athlete With A Passion For Coaching

My guest today is a woman that is not only a great runner, but she’s a world class multi-sport athlete as well.

Lisa Reichmann

Lisa Reichmann has a lengthy resume that include competing as an elite athlete in major marathons, representing team USA in the Duathlon, and completing an Ironman.

When Lisa isn’t competing or training, she’s working with other runners as one of the co-owners of Run Farther and Faster.

Marathon Maven

The marathon distance is Lisa’s favorite, as evidenced by having completed over 30 of them.

She began running in college and found she had a talent for the sport.

Lisa qualified for Boston in her first marathon without really knowing what that meant.

In 2001, Lisa ran her first Boston and vowed to run it every year she could.

Her experience in Boston has changed over the years as the race has grown in popularity, but the magic that takes over the city remains the same.

Boston 2018 was a learning experience for Lisa:

  • Don’t waste time and energy worrying about what you can’t control.
  • Control what you can- clothing, fuel, etc.
  • Even with unfavorable conditions, some people had favorable outcomes.
  • Make the best of the race, prepare, have a good attitude,and get it done.

Her victory at Boston this year was pushing through all her mental challenges.


Having a dad that was into cycling encouraged Lisa to venture into the Duathlons world.

Incorporating multi sports into training required more time to train and prep equipment.

Cutting back on running miles was necessary to allow for cycling and swimming.

Having completed an Ironman, Lisa offers some tips on how to approach the running portion:

  • Approaching the marathon strategically is more important than ever due to fatigue before even beginning.
  • Incorporate run/walk intervals.
  • The key to a successful marathon at the end of an Ironman is increasing cycling endurance.

Lisa has found that cross training is key to longevity and speed in running.

Combining Passion With Career

Prior to becoming a running coach, Lisa was an Attorney.

The birth of her 3 children was the beginning of her turning her passion into a career.

Her local JCC asked her to coach the local running program.

A more flexible schedule was ideal for  Lisa’s new role as a mother.

Her joint coaching business, “Run Farther and Faster,” was started in 2009 with her friend Julie Sapper.

Lisa Reichmann

ALL runners can benefit from a coach.

New runner:

  • Possibly benefits the MOST
  • Receive guidance
  • The amount of information available can be overwhelming and a coach can help sort through it
  • Increased motivation and accountability

Seasoned runner:

  • A new set of eyes can be beneficial
  • A coach can serve as a sounding board when issues arise
  • Fresh perspective on training

As a coach she challenges her runners to do a little more each day than they think they can.

Mentioned In This Episode:

If you want to connect with Lisa, check out her website and you can also follow her on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

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  1. Lisa
    Lisa says:

    Thanks, Denny! Both Julie and I had so much fun talking to you and admire everything you’ve done to bring the running community together!


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