Listener Q&A: August 2022

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Well then, where did August go?

Not sure how it’s already almost the end of the month, but according to the calendar, it is.

Which means that it’s also time for a little Q&A.

You Ask, I Answer!

In case you’re new to these parts, here’s what’s going on.

At the end of every month, I do an episode dedicated to you and your questions.

Want to get a question answered in a future Q&A episode? Come join our FB group, watch for the post asking for Qs, and put your query in the comments.

Basically, whatever you ask I try to answer!

Sometimes, the answers aren’t worth a whole lot. But every once in a while I like to think (or at least hope!) that I hit the nail on the head!

When it comes to free advice, there are no guarantees that you won’t get any more than what you paid for it.

That said, I promise to do my best!

And if nothing else, there are usually at least a few decent memes/GIFs to make it worth your while.

Let’s get into this month’s questions, shall we?

This Month’s Questions

I’m thinking about getting into ultras next year, and I’ve seen photos of people running ultras with trekking poles. Does this actually help?


If you’ve got a lot of legit climbing, trekking poles can be a game changer.

I’d say they are less of a factor on flatter/more runnable courses unless you’re going to be out there for a long time. In that case, you may not want the poles the entire time but later in the race, they could be worth having.

What are your thoughts on using TENS units to aid in recovery?

Camille Herron has been streaking for over a year. Thoughts?

What’s your prediction for the Lions/Bills game for Thanksgiving?

What do you think the Lions record will be this year?

Better than last year.

Have you ever had Old Bay seasoning? How’d you like it?

How do you like Georgia?

What are some of the differences between GA and FL?

How do you deal with the heat in the summer?

I Don't Know

What do you miss about living in FL and MI?

FL: Disney

MI: Fall

Hoping to at least get a little taste of fall here in GA. TBD on that at this point.

How often is too often for speedwork?

If I had to answer, I think I’d go with a percentage of training vs frequency.

Because once per week for someone running 5-6 days per week is a completely different scenario than once per week for someone running 3 days per week.

For most runners, I’d say about 20-25% of total miles would be the max.

To be clear, I’m not saying you need that much higher intensity training. But I certainly wouldn’t go much over that line.

What’s the cause of metatarsal pain? Overuse? Wrong shoes? Need some toe yoga?

What position did you play on your high school hockey team?

Left wing and center.

Any tips for strengthening neck muscles?

Shoulder shrugs. Standing rows. Manual resistance.

Thoughts on whether or not it’s worth trying to change your running form?

My thoughts, on a lot of things, is that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it.

So if your form isn’t perfect, but your running is going rather well, then keep on keeping on.

But if you’re having issues with nagging injuries or something similar, improving your running form could help alleviate those issues.

In that case, hard to make an argument that it wouldn’t be worth working on your form, eh?

How do you measure a successful racing season?

Great Questions

When you warm up for a race, are you running or walking?


How long is the race?

The longer the race, the less running I’m going to do pre-race since I won’t be expecting to hammer right from the drop.

5k or 10k? I’m probably going to do some easy running and a few strides.

Longer than that, probably not much, if any, running before it’s go time.

Are there any signs of dehydration to look for during a run?

It’s hard to nail down surefire signs of dehydration in the moment, that’s usually the kind of thing that becomes obvious with the benefit of hindsight.

I suppose the best marker to look for is how much you’re sweating.

If you’re sweating a normal amount for you, then you probably should be taking in fluids as you normally would.

Sweating more than usual? Might better err on the side of caution, and take in a little more liquid than you usually do.

Will there be a friendly wager in the Lions-Bills game this year? 


Have you been watching the Lions on Hard Knocks this year?

Could the Lions make the playoffs in the CFL?

Is there country music playing along the geographical Florida-Georgia line?

Would you recommend box jumps or high jump training for runners?

Have you done an episode on iron and ferritin for runners?

What are your thoughts on transitioning to a more minimal/barefoot running shoe?

What are some signs of burnout?

What is the easiest ways for someone to start into heart rate training?

If the day comes where running is no longer an option for you, what are you going to do to keep moving?

Best Time for Strength Training

Who wins the Super Bowl first: Lions or Panthers?

And that’s that…

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