Listener Q&A: October 2017

I usually do some sort of pithy verbiage at the top of these Q&A posts.

Not today.

It’s the end of the month, it’s time to answer your questions.

Let’s get on with it!

Tips for packing light when traveling for a race?

I’m a dude. I take living casually to another level.

So for me, I always pack light regardless of where I’m going or what I’m doing!

If I’m traveling and a race is involved, all I’m taking in terms of running gear is what I’m wearing on race day.

Worried about the shakeout run the day before your race?

I’d argue you can wear the same gear on race day as you do the day before, so no real need to bring any additional stuff.

Other than that, make sure you have your charging cables for your watch. Maybe pack some compression gear for the night after the race and maybe a stick to do a little massage work, and that is about it as far as necessities go.

How do you adjust to windy conditions on race day?

You just have to roll with it.

That’s one of those things that you simply can’t control.

Run based on effort instead of pace, and do the best you can.

What are you and the fam going as for Halloween? And what candy are you stealing from Adi to claim as your own?

I’m going as dad for Halloween. Adi is Sheriff Callie and Beks may or may not go as one of the bandits running from the law.

As for what am I stealing from Adi?

Anything chocolate, especially if there is peanut butter involved.

Strength training machines at the gym: useful or useless?

Depends on the machine.

If the machines involve the movements of multiple joints, they are ok.

So things like the leg press, chest press, seated rows, lat pull downs are all ok.

If the machines are one joint/one muscle group workers, avoid them like the plague.

Examples here include leg extensions, hamstring curls, bi curls, etc.

How do you deal with the random dog meeting while out on a run?

Most dogs, unless they are trained attack dogs, won’t just charge you with malintent.

So when I see a dog coming at me, I simply turn to face it, puff up my chest and arms, and stand my ground.

I’ve NEVER had a dog come closer than 10 ft or so to me when I’ve done this.

They stop. I hold my ground. Often take a step or two toward them. They turn back and head for home.

If you’re confident and own your space, unless a dog is cornered they will most likely leave you alone.

How do you stay motivated when you are done with races for the year and winter is fast approaching?

So basically, how do I stay motivated in the summer time down here then, eh?

Just because it’s winter and there’s snow and cold as far as the eye can see, it doesn’t mean you can’t still get outside for a workout on occasion.

Get a pair of running snowshoes and get out in the country and go!

If being out in the snow and cold doesn’t sound appealing to you, use the winter months as an excuse to really focus on shoring up your weak links.

Lift weights. Do pilates. Practice yoga.

From a cardio perspective, take spin classes or just jump on the bike at the gym or at home. Get in the pool.

If you struggle with doing your cardio indoors, pick a show on Netflix or Hulu to watch/stream, but only allow yourself to watch it when you are doing your training.

I’ve heard that makes running on the dreadmill more appealing, but I’m not sure I’d believe the hype!

That’s it for this month.

A handful of questions, and hopefully a handful of useful answers!

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