Liz Ferro Is Creating Positive Changes Through Girls With Sole

My guest today is the founder and CEO of an organization that uses free fitness and wellness programs to empower girls who are at risk or have experienced abuse of any kind.

Liz Ferro

Author, speaker, mom, and runner are just a few of the other titles that she holds.

It is my pleasure to go a few easy miles with Liz Ferro.

Test Of Resilience

Liz was first exposed to running as a child when her dad would take her to the local track with him.

Growing up she split her time between running and swimming.

Liz continued her active lifestyle through each phase of her life.

Motherhood would be her ultimate, “test of resilience,” for her running.

She is a mother to 2 children and after each birth she found her fitness back at ground zero.

Liz often had to remind herself that she is an athlete and could get back to where she was.

Her competitive nature pushes her to keep making goals.

Remember Your Reason Why

With her 50th birthday approaching, Liz has no shortage of goals she wants to accomplish.

She may not have the speed she used to, however that hasn’t stopped her from making goals that excite her.

One major goal Liz accomplished was running a marathon in every state.

Her 50 state challenge came about as a way to raise awareness for her organization Girls With Sole.

Up next on her list is running a marathon on every continent.

Liz’s 92 year old mother is a constant reminder that life passes quickly and each moment should be lived to the fullest.

This goal to live a full and meaningful life is Liz’s reason why.

Liz Ferro on Stage

A Troubled Childhood

Liz did not have an idyllic childhood.

As a child she was in foster care.

Around the age of 8, Liz was sexually abused by a neighbor.

A trusted adult forced Liz to keep the abuse a secret.

These events led to a myriad of emotions that included guilt and anger.

Being active helped Liz to mentally deal with her emotions.

It didn’t take long for Liz to begin to correlate mental and physical strength.

Liz’s childhood experiences were the catalyst for her starting Girls With Sole in an effort to help girls in similar situations.

Girls With Sole

Liz Ferro Getting Down and Dirty at Girls Got Sole

Girls With Sole is an organization that brings free wellness and fitness programs to girls who are at risk or have experienced abuse of any kind.

The goal is to empower their minds, bodies, and souls while raising self esteem and awareness.

Various sports and activities are introduced to the girls in the hopes that they will discover something they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Girls With Sole has been in operation for 9 years and is currently serving 3 counties in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

Consequently it is Liz’s goal to eventually be a national organization reaching girls across the country.

For those that aren’t in the Cleveland area, a book is available detailing the key points of the program.

The main points of the organization can be summed up through ROCK:

  • Resilience
  • Optimism
  • Courage
  • Killing Stereotypes

When faced with challenges Liz recommends to keep moving forward, because that is where the magic is.

Mentioned In This Episode:

  • Girls With Sole: A Girl Power Guide To Unleashing Your Inner Superhero By: Liz Ferro

Stay connected with Liz by visiting her Website and/or following Girls With Sole on Facebook and Instagram.

Liz Ferro is CEO of Girls With Sole, an organization helping to empower the minds, bodies, and souls of girls while raising their self-esteem. #runchat Share on X

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