Marion Syversen Is Breaking Stereotypes For Older Runners

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My guest is a lady that I don’t know very well, but that will all change after we wrap up our chat today.

She’s a runner and that in itself will give us more than enough to talk about.

I am looking forward to going a few easy miles with Marion Syversen today!

Marion Syversen and Her Husband

Shifting Goals

Marion Syversen first started running one month before her 59th birthday and has kept at it for over 8 years now.

In the early stages of running, she was focused on doing all she could to get faster.

Marion has attempted to match her half marathon PR for the last three races but wasn’t able to meet her goal.

She has reached the point in her running where she is solely focused on having fun.

Her favorite distance to race is 10 miles which aren’t always easy to find.

Lucky for her she has a local 10-mile race in her home state of Maine, which she has run a handful of times.

Admittedly, Marion doesn’t love running, but she continues to do it because her body has become accustomed to it.

Why Run?

Marion is older than the average person that first takes up running.

She was reaching an age where her body was changing.

Throughout her adult life, Marion has gone up and down by 15 pounds.

She knew that if she wanted to get the weight off that she would need to increase her aerobic activity.

Around the same time, her friend was starting the Couch to 5k program for the fourth time.

Her friend was having trouble getting past the fourth week of the program and asked Marion to join this time.

Marion began to sneak in workouts before running with her friend to ensure that she could complete the program.

Once the program was completed, Marion was convinced to sign up for her first race.

Marion Syversen

Consistency and Persistence

Upon completing her first 5k, Marion was incredibly proud of herself.

That race was a launching pad for countless more races in the next two years.

She typically had a race on the calendar every month as a way to stay consistent.

During those first two years, she frequently tried to push her pace.

Growing up Marion was not athletic at all and has always found running to be hard.

The difficulty of running hasn’t deterred Marion from continuing in the sport.

As she has gotten older, she has learned to take more chances.

If she’s not continually growing throughout the years, she will consider it a wasted life.

The Social Aspect

Marion often does a combination of running solo and running with others.

Her husband took up running at the age of 65, mostly so that he could accompany her on runs.

Once she stopped focusing so much on pace, Marion looked to running for the social aspects.

The running community is incredibly welcoming and Marion has made many friends along the way.

The Millinocket Marathon and Half Marathon is a race that takes place in Maine in December.

It takes place in a former paper mill town and embodies everything she loves about the running community.

The race itself is free with the idea that the participants will spend money in the town to help support the community in a variety of ways.

Each year she has run the race, the locals show up for the runners in every way imaginable.

Marion Syversen

#If Nana Can Do It

Marion may not love running, but she is at the point where her body needs it.

She is an early riser that is always on the go and running is there to help center her thoughts.

Being a runner in Maine isn’t always easy during the winter months.

The dislike Marion has for the treadmill almost always pushes her to run outside regardless of the weather.

Though Marion runs for fun now, she makes sure to always have at least one race on her schedule as added motivation.

Prior to running, Marion never viewed herself as an athlete.

She may not be the fastest person out there, but she now knows what she is capable of and it’s so much more than she ever thought.

Marion is a grandma of 9 and tries to always remind others that if “Nana can do it” so can you.

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