National Running Day

Well, well, well.

I’ve been in a bit of a non-posting rut of late, but what better excuse for a new post on my running blog than the fact that today is National Running Day!

I guess it’s a pretty big day in the running community, both locally and globally. Lots of races are offering pretty steep discounts for signing up today, so if you’re thinking about running a race in the fall you might want to sign up today. I know the Rock n Roll series is offering a sale (I think it’s $20 off, but not positive).

Here in Lakeland, a group has gotten together and will be putting on Polk County’s first 1/2 Marathon on the 9th of November, and they are offering a 50% savings today only! If you’re interested, and it’s still Wednesday, check out the Red Ribbon Half Marathon page to sign up, and enter the coupon cod NatRunDay to cut the price in half. The course looks pretty good, though be warned that there will be a couple of decent (for Florida at least) hills in this one.

I took advantage of the sale today and signed up, even though I’m already planning on running the Wine and Dine half at Disney the same night. So my day just got a bit longer, but I think it’ll be “fun” running two half marathons about 12 hours apart. We will see how I feel the day after, though.

If anyone else wants to run a double with me, I’d love the company!

Anyway guys, I’m going to cut this post off now or I’ll keep rambling on for awhile. The sky is starting to get dark, and I haven’t gone for a run yet today and there’s no way I’m missing a run on National Running Day. Won’t happen. So I’m going to go knock off a few miles (hopefully) before it rains.

I hope you’ll have a chance to get a run in today as well. Happy National Running Day, yall!

What Are You Doing for National Running Day? Get Out There and Move!

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    • Denny
      Denny says:


      I’m not sure if it’ll be more difficult than running a full 26.2 all at once, but it’ll be fun. And if I’m too sore to push the second race very hard, I’ll just enjoy my time running through the Disney parks and not worry about my time!


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