Nicki Conroy Enjoys the Social Side of Races as Much as the Race Itself!

Today I’m joining Nicki Conroy, who is the first member of the online running community that I had the pleasure to meet in real life at a race.

Nicki Conroy and Some Running Friends

Nicki Conroy and Some Running Friends

Nicki is an adult onset runner who started pounding the pavement in her mid-40s. And since then, she’s run several marathons, half marathons, and other road races. She has currently sworn of the marathon distance, for reasons that we discuss in the show, but the door to the return to 26.2 is at least still cracked open slightly.

Never say never, I guess.

Thanks to Jabra for Sponsoring This Episode

Thanks to Jabra for Sponsoring This Episode

We covered a lot of ground in today’s episode, from running to blogging to the weather and politics! (Don’t worry, we stayed VERY MUCH in the middle when it comes to the politics!)

Here are some of the highlights from my chat with Nicki Conroy

  • Doing more cross training before a race, and not noticing any negative effects in performance
  • Learning a hard lesson about the importance of adequate recovery
  • The difference between running up and down hills versus running flat for days
  • Started running, in part, in an attempt to outrun heredity with no desire to ever run a race
  • The social draw of running and racing, both in real life and online
  • The appeal of moving from Upstate New York to North Carolina
  • Started blogging in 2005 and she writes about a wide variety of topics
  • Tentative plans in place between now and April 2016, and after that who knows!

If you’re not connected with Nicki, you need to remedy that ASAP. Connect with her on Twitter, Instagram, and/or take a few minutes (or hours!) to check out her website.

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