Nora Bird Continues to Fly High on the Road and the Trail

Today I’m (finally!) catching back up with Nora Bird to find out what is new in her world!

Nora Bird Vermont Buckle

Nora Bird Showing Off Her Buckle After the Vermont 100

Nora was first on the show back in episode 206. If you missed our first chat, head on over and check it out!

When we last chatted, Nora described her unlikely introduction to the sport and how she couldn’t help but dive right in.

We talked about the emotions surrounding her running in the 2013 Boston Marathon, and her entering the Leadville lottery on a whim and winning!

Since our last chat, a lot has changed for this 100-mile fanatic!

Her First 100

Nora decided to enter the Leadville lottery with a bit of nonchalant sort of attitude.

She had never run a race anywhere near the distance before, but why not!

After months of prep and a week of running in Durango, Nora’s only competitor was the clock she had set for herself… for the first 3/4 of the race.

The last 20 miles were at a near walk, but Nora still finished even if it took a bit longer than expected.

The entire race was a challenge, but Nora was determined to not give in.

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A 100 Mile Battle

Mentally, Nora has always been a strong runner.

The Wasatch 100, however, seemed to get the best of her from the start. Her mind proved to be her biggest enemy on that day.

Nora was near quitting. She seriously considered tapping out at mile 67, which would have resulted in her second DNF.

The people she surrounded herself with were not going to let that happen. Her pacers and crew kept her in the race all the way to the end.

Nora began tackling the race one aid station at a time, breaking up the run into more manageable sections until making it to the finish.

Nora Bird Wasatch

Nora Bird, Post-Wasatch 100

Surround yourself with others that will push you to be your best! ~Nora Bird #runchat Share on X

On the other side of the whistle

Nora is now a coach and not only has she helped others but she has been able to grow personally through her work.

Coaching has challenged Nora by offering an outlet for her to think more introspectively about the sport.

Nora is in the Madison/Milwaukee area and has helped numerous clients succeed at a variety of different distances.

She even uses her coaching to double as training. Nora can sometimes work in 20 miles a day of various runs with her runners.

Nora’s Keys to Success

  • Arrive to your destination race with enough time to settle in your new area
  • Bring different things to eat for races. You never know what you will be able to eat during race.
  • Run a race with your pacer in advance (if possible). Test out your chemistry.
  • Figure out what works for you in terms of pacers
  • Research what you’ll need for your drop eggs (and remember what’s in them!)

Basically, it all comes down to doing as much prep work as you can and only trying to control the things that you can control!

See more from Nora, head over to her Website, Instagram, and Twitter

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