Paul Mellor Shares Memory Tips and a Love of Running

Paul Mellor is best known for something that seems completely unrelated to running–his memory. He has been a finalist in the USA Memory Championships (2008) and he hosts memory seminars to help show the power that consciously working on improving one’s memory can have on every aspect of one’s life.

Paul Mellor is a Memory Expert and 50 State Runner

Paul Mellor

But Paul is also a runner.

He’s a member of the 50 States Marathon Club, having run 66 marathons overall. He is also thinking about taking a stab at joining the marathon century club.

We talk running, memory, tips for improving memory, and a whole lot more during the course of our conversation today. Here are some of the highlights of our chat.

  • He grew up an athlete but was never a runner
  • After running his first marathon, he decided he wanted to run a marathon in every state
  • How he chose the races that he ran along the way to running in each state
  • Paul called me out on what races I’ve run, and proved that my memory needs some work!
  • The many similarities between myself and Paul, and the things that he has accomplished that I am striving toward
  • Doing memory exercises while running

If you’d like to connect with Paul, check out his website for more information and feel free to shoot him an email (greatmemory {at} comcast {dot} net).

He also has two books available on his website and on Amazon.

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