Quick Tip: The Positive Impact of Peer Pressure for Runners

One thing that I’ve noticed during a number of different chats I’ve had on the podcast, and quite a few in the past couple of weeks, is that peer pressure for runners is often a really good thing.

I don’t know about you, but I know that I can do a pretty good job of sabotaging myself on a variety of fronts.

Have you every said something to yourself along the lines of  “I could never do <insert running achievement here>”?

I know I have.

solid group of running friends can provide the positive kind of peer pressure that will help you to get over whatever hurdle you’ve placed in your way and get out there and do it.

Peer Pressure for Runners

Peer Pressure for Runners

Examples of Positive Peer Pressure for Runners

  • Inviting a Non-Runner to a Race/Pub Run/Other Event: Invite a non-running friend to a running event and you’ll get shot down quicker than an awkward freshman asking the head cheerleader to prom. Reassure your friend that you’ll run/walk with him or her, that you’ll buy the drinks after the event, and that there are plenty of other people out there who are doing it for the first time as well. You and I know that the running community is a friendly and welcoming one, but non-runners might not be so sure. A little peer pressure that helps someone test the running waters is definitely a good thing!
  • Asking a Friend to Sign Up for a Race: Have a running friend that is leery of signing up for that first half/full marathon? Peer pressure works like a champ in this situation! Simply reminding him or her that they’ll be training with you leading up to the race, so they might as well run it too is often enough to get them to whip out their credit card and hit submit.
  • Early Morning Training Runs: I don’t care what any runner says, they don’t like getting up at 4:30 on a Saturday morning to run. We do it for a number of reasons (family obligations, work, summer heat, less traffic to dodge, to name just a few) but we don’t like it. For me, knowing that my friends are waiting for me at the coffee shop on Saturday morning is the kind of peer pressure I need to drag myself out of bed and go run.
  • Gearing Up for a New Distance: Talking with several ultra marathoners for the podcast, I’m amazed how many have said they started running ultras because their running partners told them they were fit enough to handle the increased distance of some of the events.

I could keep providing positive examples of peer pressure for runners, but his is supposed to be a quick tip so I’ll try to keep things short.

But feel free to press play below, to hear me expound a little more about why peer pressure for runners is such a good thing!

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