QT: Create a Pre-Run System to Get Out the Door on Time

So apparently, there are a few places in the country where it is legit hot AF right now.

The Summer Heat is Intense!

For those of you that aren’t used to running in the heat, I’ll go on record as saying that the best way to beat the heat is to get out there first thing in the morning and get as many miles in as possible before the sun becomes a factor.

To be clear, it’s probably still going to be hot, humid, and gross at zero-dark thirty.

It’s just going to be worse when the sun is beating down on you too.

Morning Running as a Temporary Fix

If you’re not a morning person, the idea of getting up to run before the sun rises may be a non-starter.

I promise, I’m not asking you to become an early morning runner for the rest of your life.

All I’m saying is that when it’s dangerously hot out, like it is right now in a lot of places, the safest way to get your miles in that doesn’t involve a fricking treadmill is to get out of bed early and get your miles in while the rest of the world is still asleep.

Once the worst of the summer heat is in the past, you can absolutely get back to running later in the day if that suits you better.

And you might find that the tips I’m about to share to help make morning running a little more doable may help you be more efficient transitioning into running mode at other times a day as well.

The Early Morning Struggle

If you’re anything like me, part of the struggle with a regular morning running routine is making it out the door in time to get the desired number of miles in at an easy enough effort that my heart rate monitor isn’t barking at me the whole time while still getting home on time to help Adi get ready for the day.

Now, if/when I actually get up on time, this shouldn’t be an issue.

I’ve got over two hours from the time my Pavlok shocks me awake to the time that Adi’s alarm clock goes off, and since I’m only aiming to get 4 or 5 miles in, that should be plenty of time.

Except for one thing…

I “may” have an issue with getting distracted in the mornings.

Somewhere between checking my HRV score and starting my run, I have a bit of a problem with my phone.

I check a couple of websites. I play a game or two of Candy Crush.

And in theory, neither of those should be that big of an issue.

But after reading an article or two, I see another headline that catches my interest so I click over to read that one.

One game of Candy Crush turns into 10 because I’m on a winning streak.

And pretty soon, it’s been 30-45 minutes and I’m still sitting there without my shoes on wondering how time has slipped away so quickly.

The most frustrating thing about all of this?

I know what the problem is.

I know that when I open my phone in the morning and either click open the browser or launch the Candy Crush app that what I’m doing isn’t a good idea.

And yet, for some reason, I can’t stop myself.

Maybe you can relate?

The Solution: Create a Pre-Run System

One thing that I’ve been implementing recently is a pre-run system to keep me on track.

I guess it’s really just a morning routine, but the goal of this system is to keep me focused and avoid distractions from the time I wake up until after I’ve finished my run.

There is still some adjusting that I need to do to make it work even better, but so far it seems like I’m on the right track.

And that gets me back to the point of this post/episode in the first place: if the heat is forcing you to try and get your miles in early but you struggle with going from the bedroom to the front door in the dark without getting sidetracked by a bunch of stupid distractions, I’d encourage you to create a morning running routine and simply follow it.

Do It

Think of it as a checklist and go through your pre-run system in order.

If checking facebook isn’t on your list, you don’t check facebook.

Yes, this will require a little bit of discipline on your part, but in my experience, it’s easier to be disciplined when you have the checklist in hand than it is when you simply know better.

What do you need to do in the morning from the time your alarm clock goes off to the time you start your run?

Write everything down, yes everything, and then simply stick to your list.

Not Just for the Morning

To repeat, the idea of creating a pre-run system is not just for those of us that struggle to get out of the door in the morning.

This can work, and will work, no matter when you normally run.

Because Lord knows there are no shortage of distractions at the end of the workday that can result in a missed or shortened run.

Create a step-by-step system/routine/checklist and simply follow it.

Because it can be a real game changer.

Do You Have a Pre-Run System, or Do You Just Go Willy Nilly Into Each Run?

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