QT: The Problem With Procrastination for Runners

If you saw the post in my IG story recently, you know that I got a new podcasting toy to play with!

Thanks to the support of several listeners via Patreon, I recently purchased a Zoom recorder so I can do interviews on location.

Up until now, I’ve either had to have someone come to the house to do an interview in person (which has happened a couple of times) or utilize skype to connect with my guests.

Finally, I’m able to interview people in person which I really think is going to help me take my interview skills, and hopefully the quality of the show, to another level.

If Only It Were That Easy

I’m on my way to the Bear Bait Ultras this weekend for the second 50k of my career, and one of the things on my agenda for this weekend is to get at least one interview recorded.

Depending on who I meet and other particulars, I may get in another interview or two. But I got the Zoom to use, and by God, I’m going to use it!

Heart Rate Training in the Summer

I’m fairly good when it comes to figuring out how to use technology.

I assumed that all I’d really need to do is take the Zoom out of the box, plug in my microphones, and I’d be off to the races.

In fact, my plan was to record today’s quick tip on the Zoom as a way to work out any kinks and make sure all was well before I sat down with a runner or two this weekend.

It’s a good thing that was the plan, because I encountered a pretty big kink!

When I ordered the Zoom, I knew I’d need an SD card to record the audio onto.

No worries. I have an SD card in my GoPro that I can use.

So this morning, I pulled the SD card out and put it in the Zoom…

Long story short, and 20+ minutes of troubleshooting later, I realized that the problem was that my SD card was too big.

Apparently, the biggest card the Zoom can handle is a 32gb and I have a 64gb.

Lesson Learned (Again!)

One of my faults, and there aren’t many, is that I’m a procrastinator.

I typically wait until the last minute to do most things. This is especially true when I’m pretty sure that things are fine and there’s nothing to be worried about.

In this case, I knew I had an SD card. So I was good, right?


Thankfully, this isn’t that big of a deal.

I just went to Target, got what I needed, and all is well to record this weekend.

However, if I would have done my proper due diligence I could have gotten the SD card in a bundle with the Zoom originally, that also included a power cord, for about half the cost of the SD card I got at Target.

But I knew I had a card, so I “knew” I didn’t need to get the bundle.

Once again, I’m reminded of the importance to not make assumptions!

I assumed what I had would work and procrastinated, almost until the last minute, to test my assumption.

And I was wrong.

The Price of Procrastination

As runners, procrastination can cost us.

Big time.

In most things in life, and running is no exception, you can’t make up for lost time.

That race that is still a few weeks away? The clock is ticking!

If you have serious goals you want to achieve on race day, you can’t wait. You can’t put off run after run and tell yourself that next week you’ll just do double to make up for it.

You gotta stay on top of your training. You gotta keep doing the little things, even when your body is feeling good.

Because you know what? That is the best way to make sure your body continues to feel good and you’re able to keep making steady progress toward your goals.

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How Do You Stay on Track and Avoid the Temptation of Procrastination?

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