QT: A Few Thoughts for Anyone Running on Vacation

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Summer is officially here!

Well, technically summer is still a few weeks out.

But with Memorial Day in the rearview and students wrapping up the school year, for all intents and purposes, summer is pretty much upon us!

Summer Issues

Summer can be a tricky time of year for some runners.

Heat and/or humidity can be a major factor. Schedules are often anything but routine.

And, perhaps, there’s the blessing/curse of a summer family vacation.

Tips for Running on Vacation

If a summer vacation is on your agenda, here are a few thoughts/tips if you’re plan includes running on vacation.

It’s Your Vacation Too

Please, for the love of everything holy, don’t think of going for a run (or multiple runs) during your vacation as selfish.

Sure, you might need to adjust some aspects of your running routine (see vacation rules of running below) to best fit the broader schedule of the family vacation.

That’s fine.

But if part of your ideal vacation includes some running, then do some running.

Because it’s your vacation as much as it is anyone else’s.

Adhere to the Vacation “Rules” of Running

Whenever one of the #DizRunners heads out on vacation, summer or otherwise, they are encouraged to follow the vacation rules of running.

These “rules” are pretty simple:

Run as much or as little as you’d like. Run as short or as long as you’d like. And run as hard or as easy as you’d like.

Basically, they’ve got a free pass to do about whatever they want on vacation.

Now, there is a bit of common sense involved.

Like, if they’ve been running 30-35 miles per week they probably shouldn’t go ahead and throw down 100 miles while on vacation.

But as long as they are feeling good, I’m ok with them taking advantage of the freedom that vacation offers.

And if they don’t run at all on vacation?

Then they had a nice little break, mentally and physically.

No harm. No foul.

Structure Fall Race Training Accordingly

If you’ve got a race scheduled for this fall, then there’s at least a decent chance that a summer vacation is going to interfere with the training plan that you have.

Honestly, this really shouldn’t be an issue.

If you’re working with a coach, let her or him know enough in advance when you’ll be on vacation and they can almost assuredly tweak your training so the vacation doesn’t negatively affect your build.

And if you’re writing your own plan, don’t overthink things!

Use your vacation week as a cutback week.

Unless, of course, you plan to run all the miles while you’re on vacation.

In which case, maybe schedule the cutback week for the week after vacation when you’re getting back into the swing of things back home.

In most cases, if you think about the details just a little bit (or outsource the thinking to your coach), a summer vacation won’t mess up your fall race training.

Not even a little bit.

Bring Your Phone With You

For a lot of us, running with our phones is simply a given.


The reasons for bringing your phone with you while running on vacation go a little deeper than whatever you might listen to and/or whatever apps you might use to track your run.

Seeing as you’re likely running in some unfamiliar places, your phone can double as:

  • a map.
  • a credit card.
  • a ride home.

Odds are, you’ll go for your run and have no issues.

But if you get a bit turned around? Opening up the map app could be huge.

Or if you run out of water and don’t know where a water fountain is? Using apple pay to buy a bottle of water could be a lifesaver.

And if push comes to shove and you need to shut it down for the day? Getting an uber or calling a partner saves you from hiking back to where you started from.

Odds are, you won’t need your phone for anything but a little audio entertainment and to take a good #seenonmyrun sort of photo.

But if you do need it for something a little more useful, when you’re in unfamiliar territory, it’s a nice thing to have.

Have a Great Summer

Whatever you’ve got in store for the summer, I hope it’s a good one for you!

And if you’ve got a vacation planned, I hope you’re able to get some good miles in wherever your summer travels take you!

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What is Your Typical Way to Handle Running on Vacation?

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