QT: Choosing Workouts and Minimizing Injury Risk While Running on the Treadmill with Thessaly Nicolaysen

In this week’s Quick Tip, I’m once again joined by Ms. Thessaly Nicolaysen to talk about a subject near and dear to her heart: treadmill running.

Last week we talked about why Thessaly loves the treadmill so much and some ways to fight the potential boredom factor associated with running on the torture device.

This week we are diving into two topics that are a bit more in my wheelhouse: workouts and injury concerns.

Good Treadmill Workouts to Consider

What workouts are best to do on a treadmill?

According to Thessaly, pretty much any workout you can do on the road, track, or trail you can also do on the treadmill.

And for the most part, I agree with her.

Of course, there are at least a few differences that need to be taken into consideration if/when you move inside.

  • Know your conversions.
  • Anticipate lag times.
  • Downhills may not be an option.

So what, then, would be some of the better workouts to do when you’re running on the treadmill?

Longer repeats. Tempo runs. Race-paced efforts.

As far as I’m concerned, locking in a pace on the treadmill and holding it is your best option.

Sure, you can do shorter intervals, but then you’re spending as much time adjusting the speed of the treadmill as you are doing anything else.

If I’m stuck on the treadmill, I’d rather set it and, more or less, forget it.

Ultimately, however, whatever workouts you’re comfortable doing on the mill are the ones to do.

Injury Concerns

Some runners feel that running on the treadmill is easier on the body than pounding the pavement.

Others feel the exact opposite.

Who’s right?

There’s no doubt there are differences between the road/sidewalk and the treadmill.

Those subtle differences stress the body in different ways and can, but don’t always, lead to certain injuries.

If you’re going to be on the treadmill a lot, and you’re not a regular treadmiller, I’d encourage you to mix things up occasionally during your sessions.

Play with the incline a little bit. Speed up/slow down on occasion.

Just do enough to change, subtly, your stride throughout your run, and odds are your body will thank you.

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What is Your Go To Treadmill Workout?

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