Quick Tip-Using the Foam Roller Before Running

Have you ever used a foam roller before running?

Many runners regularly use a foam roller or the stick to help with recovery after particularly hard workouts or heavy mileage weeks. Regular use of the foam roller can also help to mitigate some overuse injuries that are common in runners.

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In a word, yes.

Foam Roller Before Running

How Many Runners Feel About the Foam Roller

Pre-run foam rolling can be used to help increase blood flow to the muscles, while simultaneously breaking up any adhesions that have formed in the muscle tissue as well.

To be clear, foam rolling or other self-massage techniques aren’t sufficient in and of themselves for a pre-race/run warm up, there are definitely reasons to use the foam roller before running on occasion.

Press play below, where I’ll go into a little more detail about why foam rolling before running really does make sense.

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